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Tanzania Wildlife Threatened By Humans
2013-12-11 12:53:04

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online As the population in Tanzania continues to grow, so do conflicts between humans and wildlife, making education an ideal tool to use for an intervention. Tanzania has one of the fastest growing populations in the world and researchers wanted to see how this boom would impact human-wildlife interactions in the country. Buffer zones are already set up in Serengeti and Tanzania’s other national parks, meaning human activity is only allowed...

2011-02-01 22:50:49

Building a highway through Serengeti National Park may devastate one of the world's last large-scale herd migrations and the region's ecosystem, according to new research by an international team of ecologists, including a University of Guelph professor. The study by John Fryxell, a Guelph integrative biology professor, and four other scientists from the United States and Canada appears in a recent issue of PLoS ONE, a peer-reviewed international journal published by the Public Library of...

2010-08-25 19:51:40

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) are requesting that the Government of Tanzania reconsider the proposed construction of a commercial road through the world's best known wildlife sanctuary"”Serengeti National Park"”and recommend that alternative routes be used that can meet the transportation needs of the region without disrupting the greatest remaining migration of large land animals in the world.At issue is the proposed...

2010-05-23 07:55:00

32 critically endangered East African black rhinos are set to be flown from South Africa back to their habitat in Tanzania's Serengeti Park, and so far 5 have made it as of Friday. The rhinos had been bred from a group that was rescued from the Serengeti in the 1960s and relocated to South Africa to prevent extinction of the species by poachers. Widespread poaching in the Serengeti in the 60s and 70s saw the population of the black rhinos in Tanzania dwindle from over 1,000 to just 70....

2008-09-23 15:00:34

MILLSBORO, Del., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- American pet owners and their animals can help save lives in Africa through vaccinations administered in the U.S. between now and December 31, 2008. Pet owners are invited to double the impact of the annual veterinary visit and give a global dimension to rabies prevention through the Afya Serengeti project. Afya Serengeti, "Health for Serengeti" in Swahili, is seeking to control rabies in this region of Tanzania by vaccinating domestic dogs,...

2008-06-25 09:55:15

Climatic conditions can alter normal host-pathogen relationships An international research team, including University of Minnesota researcher Craig Packer, has found the first clear example of how climate extremes, such as the increased frequency of droughts and floods expected with global warming, can create conditions in which diseases that are tolerated individually may converge and cause mass die-offs of livestock or wildlife. The study, published June 25 by PloS (Public Library of...

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