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endangered okapi
2014-05-31 05:57:42

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Plant and animal species are becoming extinct at rates more than 1,000 times more quickly than they did before the arrival of humans, indicating that the Earth could be edging closer to a sixth great extinction, according to a new study published May 30 in the journal Science. In the study, Duke University biologist Stuart Pimm and his colleagues examined both past and present rates of extinction using the IUCN Red List of...

Global Warming: How Will It Affect Tornado Season
2013-03-18 04:42:18

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Two years after from the second-deadliest tornado season in US history, climate scientists are finding it difficult to predict exactly what kind of impact global warming will have on the prevalence of the deadly twisters. In 2011, nearly 1,700 tornadoes were spotted across America, killing more than 550 people, Associated Press (AP) Science Writer Seth Borenstein reported on Friday. One of those twisters killed 158 people in the...

NASA's ISS Head Remains Confident In Russian Space Program
2012-02-04 04:50:06

Despite multiple glitches, accidents, and equipment failures in recent months, a NASA representative told reporters on Thursday that the U.S. space agency still had confidence in the Russian space program and specifically the Soyuz rockets used to transport crew and supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). According to Associated Press (AP) reporter Seth Borenstein, NASA's space station program manager Michael Suffredini called the Soyuz rocket the most reliable space system on...

Carbon Emissions Experience Record Annual Increase
2011-11-06 05:59:39

Emissions of carbon dioxide saw their largest ever single-year increase in 2010, with levels of the heat-trapping greenhouse gases surpassing the so-called "worst case scenario" that climate experts described just four years ago, various media outlets reported Friday. According to Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press, the U.S. Department of Energy has determined that global carbon emissions increased 564 million tons from 2009 through 2010. That 6% increase, says Borenstein, is...

2011-07-31 06:10:00

A University of Alabama climatologist is claiming that temperature-monitoring satellites have revealed "a huge discrepancy" between global warming predictions and the actual levels of heat contained within the atmosphere. Dr. Roy Spencer, identified by AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein as "a prominent climate skeptic," claims that NASA satellite readings between 2000 and 2011 show, in the words of Daily Mail reporter Tamara Cohen, "far smaller temperature rises than six climate models which...

2010-11-11 08:25:00

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a proposed successor to the Hubble Space Telescope currently under development at NASA, needs an additional $1.5 billion in funding in order to make its scheduled 2015 launch date, officials from the U.S. space agency said on Wednesday. According to AP Science Writer Seth Borenstein, the reason for the inflated estimate is that certain key costs were not included as part of a July 2008 program review. The project, which initially was set to cost $3.5...

2010-04-01 06:15:00

This April Fools' Day, regardless of whether you're the one playing the prank or the victim of someone else's shenanigans, odds are you'll be laughing--and to Baltimore based neuroscientist Robert Provine, that's serious business. Provine, author of the book "Laughter: A Scientific Investigation" and the subject of a March 31 article by Associated Press (AP) science writer Seth Borenstein, believes that only 10-percent to 15-percent of a person's laughter comes as the result of jokes or...

2008-09-11 09:00:20

By SETH BORENSTEIN By Seth Borenstein The Associated Press WASHINGTON About four out of 10 species of freshwater fish in North America are in peril, according to a major study by U.S., Canadian and Mexican scientists. The number of subspecies in trouble has nearly doubled since 1989, the report says. One biologist called it "silent extinctions" because few people notice the dramatic dwindling of certain populations deep in American lakes, rivers and streams. While they are...

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