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Evolution Of Intelligence And Brain Disorders Were Genetic Accident
2012-12-03 16:39:56

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online A team of Scottish researchers say that they have made a breakthrough discovery, locating the moment in evolutionary history when intelligence and the ability to reason first appeared in our earliest ancestors. They also say that the root cause of many brain disorders can also be traced back to the same genetic events. According to Seth Grant, the lead researcher on the study and a professor of molecular neuroscience at University...

2010-12-23 08:17:33

(Ivanhoe Newswire) "“ By studying human brain samples, scientists have been able to isolate a set of proteins that account for over 130 different brain diseases "“ the leading causes of mental disability with an economic costs in the USA that exceeds $300 billion.  This discovery provides new insight into the evolution of behavior. The brain is a multifaceted organ in the body with millions of nerve cells connected by billions of synapses.  It's rather complex if you...

2010-12-20 08:29:58

A set of brain proteins is found to play a role in over 100 brain diseases and provides a new insight into evolution of behavior In research published Sunday, scientists have studied human brain samples to isolate a set of proteins that accounts for over 130 brain diseases. The paper also shows an intriguing link between diseases and the evolution of the human brain. Brain diseases are the leading cause of medical disability in the developed world according to the World Health Organization...