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2008-10-30 12:00:38

Seven Arts Pictures plc (Seven Arts) (PLUS:SAPP)(OTCBB:SAPXF) announced that After Dark Films has acquired the rights to distribute "Autopsy" (Autopsy) as part of its national film festival called Horrorfest III-"8 Horror Films to Die For" ("Horrorfest"). Autopsy will premier nationally on January 9th 2009. Five other films have been announced for Horrorfest, "The Broken", "The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelation", "From Within", Perkins' 14", and "Slaughter". After Dark created Horrorfest as...

2008-09-11 12:00:25

Seven Arts Pictures plc (Seven Arts) (PLUS:SAPP)(OTCBB:SAPXF) announced the opening of Seven Arts Pictures Louisiana, a production and post-production facility ("the Studio") recently purchased in the city of New Orleans for $1,700,000. The company announced earlier today the completion of the certification from the State of Louisiana that the company's capital expenditures and expenses for this new production and post-production facility totaling approximately $9 million will be subject to...

2008-09-11 09:00:25

Seven Arts Pictures plc (Seven Arts) (PLUS:SAPP)(OTCBB:SAPXF) announced that the State of Louisiana has certified approximately $9 million of expenditures for the 40% Louisiana Film Infrastructure Tax Credits. The expenditures certified include Seven Arts cost of acquiring and renovating facilities, purchase of production and post equipment, and film distribution expenditures. The certification was received prior to the June 30th 2008 year end. The company expects to finance these credits...

2008-08-26 09:00:55

Seven Arts Pictures plc (Seven Arts) (PLUS:SAPP) (OTCBB:SAPXF) announced the repayment in full of $1,505,000 of debt to Too Easy Entertainment LLC. Funding for the repayment came from financing and distribution of films, as well as from film library revenues. No money was raised, no shares were sold, and no additional debt was incurred, to complete the repayment. The repayment was completed prior to June 30th in the 2008 fiscal year. Michael Garstin, President of Seven Arts, commented,...

2008-08-21 09:00:49

Seven Arts Pictures plc (Seven Arts) (PLUS:SAPP) (OTCBB:SAPXF) announced that it has completed the repayment of approximately $6,500,000 of debt to Cheyne Specialty Finance Fund. The funds used to repay Cheyne Capital were generated from operations in the company's financing and distribution of films, as well as from film library revenues, without dilution to the company's shareholders or incurring additional debt. The Company completed the repayment of Cheyne Capital prior to the 2008 year...

2008-07-03 00:00:16

Legendary Director and Cinematographer Mikael Soloman to Direct Seven Arts Pictures plc UK contact: Elaine New, +44-207-355-2051 elainenew@7artspictures.com or US contact: Erik Smith, +1-323-692-5010 esmith@7artspictures.com Logo: http://www.7artspictures.com/ Seven Arts Pictures plc (the Company) (OTCBB:SAPXF) (PLUS:SAPP) announced the acquisition of the worldwide rights to the Arthurian historical epic adventure "Mortal Armor: The Legend of Galahad." The film, which is...

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