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2012-09-18 03:00:59

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from September 17: The heat continued in the Southwest, while the Gulf Coast got hit with heavy rainfall amounts between 1-3 inches and some higher amounts. The frost hit the pumpkins in the North and it evened snowed in Colorado. One tornado was reported in Kansas along with damaging winds along Lake Michigan and also a few reports in Kansas, Texas, Tennessee and southern Alabama. Weather Outlook for September 18: A strong cold...

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2012-09-17 04:00:20

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from September 14-16: The Northern portions of the Dakota´s along with the Great Lakes and portions of the Northeast dealt with their first frost and freeze conditions. The heat continued in the western portion of the United States as places like Los Angeles dealt with 100 degree heat. Friday´s severe weather included wind reports from Upstate New York.  Saturday was tranquil with no severe weather. On Sunday there...

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2012-09-11 03:00:29

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from September 10: A large area of high pressure moving into the Ohio River valley was responsible for bringing some of the coldest air that we have seen in a while. A quiet day on the severe weather front as high pressure was in control of a good portion of the US. However, we did manage to see a few damaging wind reports in Wyoming and also one in Southern California. Outlook for September 11: Another nice day for 2/3 of...

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2012-09-10 03:00:49

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Weather from September 7-9: Friday was a very busy day for severe weather along the frontal boundary as there was over 300 wind reports from Oklahoma and Arkansas northeastward into the Ohio River Valley and also multiple hail reports in this region right along the frontal boundary. Saturday the front shifted eastward and again was responsible for a large array of severe weather to include several tornadoes that hit the New York City area creating a...

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2012-09-07 03:00:18

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Weather from September 6: A very busy day from a severe weather aspect, with strong winds from Missouri and Kansas and also southward into portions of Arkansas and Mississippi. A second pocket of strong winds occurred in the panhandle of Texas. A third region was found along the Northeast region of New York and portions of PA along with Virginia and North Carolina. A large swath of hail reports came out of Iowa with the largest report from Newell, IA...

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2012-09-04 03:00:56

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from Sept. 3: The heat returned to the Southern Plains as many places were near 100 with heat index values over 105. Severe weather reports from yesterday included large hail in South Dakota and also in Central Kansas. Multiple damaging wind reports occurred from Mississippi to Alabama and part of Georgia. Another pocket of damaging winds occurred in the Carolina´s. A third area was found back in Kansas and Missouri. Big...

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2012-09-03 03:00:46

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from Aug 31- Sep 2: The remains of Isaac continued to drench the Midwest with some much needed rain. However, it did come pretty fast leading to flash flooding as well as a few tornadoes to Missouri and Illinois. September 1 was ushered in with more tornadoes from Isaac as the tornados hit Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois. Large areas of wind damage from Isaac spread eastward into the Mid-Atlantic region. Another...

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2012-08-24 03:00:35

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from August 23: The top story from yesterday again was the heavy rainfall that spread across the Southwest. The second major event was the high fire potential that is still in effect over the Northern Rockies and the Western Plains due to the very dry conditions. Also from a severe weather aspect there was one reported tornado in Eastern Colorado, along with a concentration of wind and hail damage that spread across Eastern South Dakota...

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2012-08-23 03:00:05

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from August 22: The big news from yesterday was the very heavy rainfall that encompassed the Southwest portion of the United States where flash flooding was reported and is still occurring. A patch of frost was forecasted for the overnight hours in Southern Oregon. The drier conditions have again led to fire watches for the Northern Rockies along with the Northern Plains. A fairly tranquil day with few severe weather reports. A few hail...

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2012-08-22 03:00:27

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from August 21: The top headline of the day was the formation of Tropical Storm Isaac in the Atlantic. Severe weather reports included a tornado touchdown in the Southwestern portion of Utah and also a waterspout moved onshore near Chambers County Texas. Strong wind damage reports were found in Arizona, Montana and also Northeastern Florida. Both reports out of Montana and Florida had wind gusts in excess of 70mph. Big Story...

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Weather Report For July 27-29, 2012
2012-07-30 11:15:32

Three big weather events from this past weekend included the heat wave and also the severe weather that struck. First, the heat that is being, and has been, felt in the Southern Plains is on the average of 10-15 degrees above the average for many places, along with that is the Heat Index values that have been surpassing the 100-110 range. The second big impact of the weekend was the severe weather that went through PA/NY/NJ where there were confirmed tornadoes and the damage has put...

Weather Education: The Effects Of A Pacific Northwest Low
2012-10-08 10:05:31

The Pacific Northwest low moves on shore typically in or around the Portland and Seattle area. At location A the type of weather that can be seen is usually thunderstorms and higher elevation rain showers form during the summer. This same area will see coastal rains and heavy mountain snows in the winter. When the system arrives at location B, the Rockies, due to topographic enhancement it can produce heavy rain/t-storms in the summer time, while during the winter this same area can see...

Weather Reference Library
2012-09-17 15:45:33

Many forecasters new and old run across certain things that just don’t get picked up in the weather models that we use to prepare our weather forecast. This is why I have created weather guides for anyone that is getting ready to or just wants to find out more about the weather in their area. (Here are a few forecaster guide tips to helping prepare a better weather forecast) Elevation: North: Look for a gradual rise. South: Look for no major elevation changes. West: There is a...

The Weather Discussion From July 5
2012-07-06 08:00:21

July 5, was an active day for severe weather with well over 400 wind damage reports extending from the Southeast all the way back into the Mid-Atlantic Region. The heat was present again in many places from the Gulf Coast northward into the Ohio River valley seeing temps surpass the 100F with Heat index values near 115F. This extreme heat needs to be taken seriously as it can have huge implications from power outages to dehydration and also long exposure to the sun and heat can have health...

Topographic Features Impact On The Weather
2012-07-10 20:45:32

The first topographic feature that I would like to talk about today is the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky mountains with their rugged terrain and high elevation can really become a large impact on weather patterns in the United States. First, the Rockies provide the Central Plains with the cold air aloft that is needed in the formation of severe weather to include tornadoes. Secondly, the Rocky mountains act as a barrier for any large weather system that moves onshore along the Pacific...

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