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Is Sex Addiction Real?
2013-07-19 12:11:05

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online UCLA researchers recently wrote a report of their research in the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology stating that they have determined that sexual addiction is nothing more than having a highly active libido. Many mental health experts have refused to acknowledge sexual addiction, or "hypersexuality," as a clinical mental disorder. The latest study that measured brain behavior reaffirmed the opinion that most experts...

2013-07-02 14:01:36

Teenagers are famously self-conscious, acutely aware and concerned about what their peers think of them. A new study reveals that this self-consciousness is linked with specific physiological and brain responses that seem to emerge and peak in adolescence. "Our study identifies adolescence as a unique period of the lifespan in which self-conscious emotion, physiological reactivity, and activity in specific brain areas converge and peak in response to being evaluated by others," says...

2013-06-27 23:50:45

Loss of sexual desire is less common in men than it is in women. But for those men who do have low libido it often bothers them more than it does women. Parsippany, NJ (PRWEB) June 26, 2013 Loss of sexual desire is less common in men than it is in women. It occurs in about 15% of men compared to about 30% of women. But for those men who do have low libido it often bothers them more than it does women. “Men's feelings about themselves and their masculinity are very closely tied to...

2013-06-06 11:35:29

In a recent analysis of one outpatient clinic, one in four men seeking medical help for newly-developed erectile dysfunction (ED) was younger than 40 years, and nearly half of young men with the condition had severe ED. While larger population-based studies are needed, the findings, which were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggest that erectile dysfunction in young men may be more prevalent and more serious than previously thought. Erectile dysfunction is a common complaint...

2013-06-04 23:20:01

Two distinguished and award winning clinical psychologists, Dr. Joel Block and Dr. Harold Dawley, state that masturbation can be helpful in maintaining good sexual health and argue against condemning it. They state masturbation has a number of benefits and are giving away copies of their recently published book encouraging masturbation. (PRWEB) June 04, 2013 Staying Up — Erectile Fitness Training for Good Sexual Health is one of the first books encouraging regular sex including...

2013-05-30 23:17:33

This June, a new commercial for Bescot Healthcare Canada produced by television agency Creative Bube Tube will begin advertising Zestica Moisture: a natural feel, non-hormonal personal hydrogel lubricant for post-menopausal women that naturally introduces moisture back into the vagina. In a recent user trial 98% of women found relief of vaginal dryness one hour after use. Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) May 30, 2013 As the years go by, we all grow a little wiser and our older bodies aren´t...

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