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Children Look To Parents for Healthy Habits
2012-05-31 07:09:26

Connie K. Ho for RedOrbit.com “Actions speak louder than words.” This old adage has been passed on from generation to generation and highlights the importance of taking action rather than talking about it. This idea of leading by example was recently seen in a study done by Michigan State University (MSU). The study found that low-income mothers can encourage their children to have healthier diets by eating nutritious foods themselves. The researchers recommended that parents...

2008-12-23 10:10:00

Only 3 percent of kids' meals served at fast-food restaurants met federal dietary guidelines in the first study to examine the nutrient quality of such meals in a major U.S. metropolitan market. Michigan State University's Sharon Hoerr, a food science and human nutrition researcher with the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station, teamed up with economist Sharon O'Donnell and pediatrician Jason Mendoza from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston to assess the nutritional status of kids' meals...

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