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Biological Markers In Chromosomes Predict The Common Cold
2013-02-20 10:41:51

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have recently discovered that our susceptibility to infections and our future health may be foretold by chromosome tips, known as telomeres. These chromosome tips are special DNA sequences that prevent DNA in chromosomes from unraveling.

Natural Remedy For The Common Cold? Become A Parent
2012-07-06 05:28:47

Carnegie Mellon researchers recently discovered that parents could have a lower risk of catching a cold than their counterparts who do not have children.

2012-06-12 07:23:51

A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers looked at who was affected the most by stress in the last few years.

Yes, Stress Can Make You Sick. But How?
2012-04-03 07:47:02

Researchers, led by Sheldon Cohen, at Carnegie Mellon University have discovered that psychological stress increases risk for depression, heart disease and infectious diseases. And now they know how.

2009-01-13 07:50:00

New research from Carnegie Mellon University finds that those who get less than seven hours sleep a night are three times as likely to catch a cold. Furthermore, those who sleep poorly were at a five times higher risk of catching a cold.

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