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Scientists Develop New Molecular 'Cocktail' To Transform Skin Cells Into Beating Heart Cells
2014-02-20 13:40:34

Gladstone-led study represents important step towards pharmaceutical-based therapies that regenerate heart muscle

2011-08-05 05:53:42

A new method has been revealed to convert human cells into brain cells.

2011-07-28 23:33:19

A scientist at the Gladstone Institutes has discovered a novel way to convert human skin cells into brain cells, advancing medicine and human health by offering new hope for regenerative medicine and personalized drug discovery and development.

2011-04-25 16:24:43

A scientist at the Gladstone Institutes has made two significant stem-cell discoveries that advance medicine and human health by creating powerful new approaches for using stem cells and stem-cell-like technology.

2011-01-31 13:19:47

Scripps Research Institute scientists have converted adult skin cells directly into beating heart cells efficiently without having to first go through the laborious process of generating embryonic-like stem cells.

2010-12-02 21:50:30

Scripps Research Institute scientists have made a significant leap forward in the drive to find a way to safely reprogram mature human cells and turn them into stem cells, which can then change into other cell types, such as nerve, heart, and liver cells.

2010-05-03 09:42:20

The surprising biochemical findings may improve scientists' ability to manipulate cell fate and promote healing.

2010-04-13 08:49:50

The groundbreaking new findings will speed research on potential therapies.

2009-10-18 12:32:54

Development of 2-week method for generating human induced-pluripotent stem cells with 200-fold increase in yield.

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