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Ovary Transplants Delays Menopause, Give Women More Time To Conceive
2012-07-05 07:54:32

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Successful ovary transplants could lead to women remaining fertile indefinitely and also postponing menopause until they are well in their 50s, according to doctors speaking at a conference in Istanbul. The breakthrough uses a technique to remove pieces of ovary, store it away for decades, then transplant it back later in life, perhaps effectively holding off menopause as well. The doctors said that only physical inability to...

2009-06-29 12:45:15

A new, two-step method of ovarian transplant has had excellent results, giving women a greater ability to conceive after cancer treatment or when older, doctors announced Monday.  The technique successfully and quickly restored ovarian function enabling two patients to become pregnant. Scientists have performed ovarian transplants in women with cancer before, since chemotherapy often leaves them infertile. The ovaries are removed before the toxic treatment begins in order to re-implant...

2008-12-11 14:20:00

Doctors are celebrating the first successful ovary transplant from a volunteer, allowing her infertile twin sister to give birth to a healthy baby girl on November 11. The researchers said it is the first time an entire ovary has been transplanted and resulted in a live birth. The method may offer a way to preserve fertility for cancer patients or for women who want to wait until they are older to start families, the researchers wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dr. Sherman...

2008-11-10 11:25:00

A barren woman is about to deliver the world's first baby conceived after a complete ovary transplant. The 38-year-old was labeled infertile after her ovaries stopped working at the age of 15, which caused her to have an early menopause. After getting an ovary transplant from her twin sister, the woman will give birth shortly. The innovative surgery gives hope to more than 100,000 women who struggle through a premature menopause, but also to women receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy in...

2008-06-18 12:00:06

By Michele Munz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jun. 18--Dr. Sherman Silber has long been a trailblazer in fertility. Now the St. Louis-area surgeon is taking his expertise in humans and using it for endangered animals. Silber has performed the first successful reverse vasectomy on a severely endangered species. It's also the first done on an equid -- a hoofed mammal with slender legs, flat coat and mane. The patient was a Przewalski's horse named Minnesota living at the Smithsonian's National...

2005-04-29 08:15:00

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Three yapping, cuddly South American bush dog pups at the Saint Louis Zoo are making fertility history among wild canids, with implications for the rest of the animal world. Youngsters Mariana, Turi and Sherman, resembling chubby, furry, Chihuahuas, were born in January following a successful, first-of-its-kind vasectomy reversal on the pups' father. The procedure was performed in August 2003 by St. Louis infertility specialist, Dr. Sherman Silber, a 15-year zoo consultant,...

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