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BP Submits Worst Case Scenario Contingency Plan For New Well
2011-10-13 04:59:28

BP has established contingency plans to fight a massive oil spill twice the size of last year’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

2010-04-28 10:59:00

HOUSTON, April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The Scottish oil and gas industry generated a record 15.4 billion pounds sterling in sales in 2008-2009, an 8.3 percent increase from 2007-2008, according to a new report from Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI).

2009-11-25 01:00:00

LONDON, November 25 /PRNewswire/ -- - Community Trading Online is Booming - Schools Trader Page Hits up Over 95% Universitiestrader - the community trading site for students - is looking for 200 students to join as agents.

2009-01-11 15:31:26

Flowers are being banned from an increasing number of hospitals in Scotland amid fears the traditional get-well gift is a health hazard, officials say. National Health Service officials say the ban makes sense because vase water may harbor dangerous bugs, bouquets can trigger allergies and spilled water can damage equipment, Scotland on Sunday reported. A spokeswoman for Shetland Health Board confirmed its policy of allowing flowers in its two hospitals was being reviewed. It is possible...

2008-07-25 06:00:33

A PILOT was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday - to change a faulty light bulb. The plane, carrying 32 passengers from Shetland to Aberdeen, was diverted after the pilot reported a smell of burning.

2008-07-08 06:00:32

By Frank Urquhart OIL giant Shell yesterday announced the completion of an agreement to sell eight of the company's oil and gas fields in the East Shetland basin of the North Sea and transfer hundreds of jobs to a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi national oil company.

2008-07-03 12:00:54

By DAVID ROSS HIGHLAND CORRESPONDENT IT started with what appeared to be just another storm in a Hebridean teacup but will end with significant changes in the management of the health service on Scotland's main island groups.

2008-06-24 06:02:41

By JOHN ROSS THE Scottish Government was under pressure last night to resolve a damaging industrial dispute that disrupted the travel plans of more than 2,000 air passengers yesterday.

2008-06-23 00:00:17

STRIKE action is to hit nine Scottish airports today, with 2000 passengers having flights cancelled because of a pay dispute involving firefighters. Scheduled flights will be suspended due to the action by members of the trade union Unite.

2008-06-20 12:00:28

By DAVID ROSS HIGHLAND CORRESPONDENT LOGANAIR, the airline which flies to some of the most remote and fragile communities in the country, is preparing to cut some of its flights this summer because of the rise in fuel costs.

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Manx Loaghtan
2014-10-16 09:49:26

The Manx loaghtan is a breed of domestic sheep that originated in the Isle of Man. This breed descended from primitive sheep that once resided on the Hebrides, the Shetland Islands, and Scotland. Its name is derived from the Manx term lugh dhoan, which means mouse brown and is the color of the breed. The Manx loaghtan is small in size and the wool is dark brown in color, with the legs and face holding no wool. This breed is not polled, or hornless, and although the preferred amount of...

Icelandic Sheep
2014-10-14 09:58:59

The Icelandic sheep is a breed of domestic sheep that descended from a stock of sheep brought to the area by the Vikings. This breed has been raised in a harsh environment for thousands of years, which has made it hardy in its cold environment, and it was once used for producing milk that could be used for making butter, cheese, and yogurt, but this required lambs to be weaned at an early age so milking is no longer practiced. The Icelandic sheep is medium in size and stocky in shape, with...

2014-09-05 10:47:45

The grice, also known as the highland or Irish pig, is an extinct breed of domestic pig that once roamed the highland hills and islands of Scotland and Ireland. During the nineteenth century, this breed was described as being extremely hardy and aggressive, often known to wander from its own farmlands to forage for food. Because of this, it was recommended that farmers stop keeping the breed on their farms, and coupled with the growing popularity of imported pigs it declined in population and...

American Shetland Pony
2014-05-24 10:32:27

The Shetland is a breed of pony that is found worldwide but originated from the Shetland Isles, northeast of Scotland. The breed is believed to be developed on the islands by settlers who crossbred the native horses with ponies imported by the Norse. In addition, it is also believed the Celtic Pony also had influence to the Shetland between 2000 and 1000 BC. The harsh climate of the islands developed the Shetland into a tough breed and were first used for pulling carts which carried peat,...

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