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2013-09-19 10:42:47

The Tosa, also known as the Tosa Inu, is a breed of domestic dog that originated in Japan. The dog was developed in the late nineteenth century when various types of European breed like the mastiff, Old English bulldog, and the German pointer were crossed with the Shikoku-Inu breed from Japan. This large breed was very popular as a fighting dog between the years of 1924 to 1933, when there were...

Japanese Marten Martes melampus
2012-12-31 14:36:16

The Japanese marten (Martes melampus) is a mammal that is native to Japan. Its native range includes Kyushu, Shikoku, Awaji, and Honshu and it has been introduced into Sado Island, Tsushima Island, and Hokkaido. It prefers a habitat within forests, but it can be found in human populated areas with abundant vegetation. It holds three recognized subspecies. The Japanese marten can reach an...

2008-09-13 20:56:21

The Shikoku is a Japanese breed of dog native to Shikoku Island. It is a spitz type breed which is recognized by kennel clubs in Japan and Canada. It was also recognized as a living "natural monument" of Japan in 1937. The breed was bred for hunting boar and deer on mountainous terrain. The breed stands 17 to 21 inches tall and weighs 17 to 55 pounds. It resembles an Alaskan Husky except in...

2008-05-27 14:47:17

The Kishu is a Japanese hunting breed which has been developed over thousands of years. The breed appears similar to the Akita and Shiba Inu; however the Kishu was bred prior to either. The breed was bred by the Japanese to hunt boar and deer, and their quiet, stalking manner makes it perfect for chasing its prey. Export of the breed from Japan is restricted; there are only two breeders of the...

Greenland Dog
2008-05-24 22:59:40

The Greenland Dog is a powerful husky-type dog bred for sledding and hunting. It is speculated that this breed directly descended from dogs which Inuit settlers brought to Greenland. It originated in the Arctic coastal regions and is one of the oldest breeds in the world. The Greenland Dog falls in the Spitz group with its curly tail, thick coat and prick ears. It was used frequently for...

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