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2011-11-05 01:17:03

Not enough ships able to flush out invasive species before they reach port Invasive species have hitchhiked to the U.S. on cargo ships for centuries, but the method U.S. regulators most rely on to keep them out is not equally effective across coasts. Ecologists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center have found that ports on the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico are significantly less protected than ports on the West Coast. Invaders are frequently introduced across oceans and...

2009-03-31 06:40:00

A U.S. request was made to the United Nations International Maritime Organization asking that a safe barrier be established along American coastlines to reduce pollution emitted by ocean-going ships which jeopardize human health, the Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday, in a report accounted by Reuters.  EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, commented, "This is an important and long overdue step in our efforts to protect the air and the water along our shores and the health of the...

2009-03-30 11:35:00

Fuel from Sea-Going Vessels Is Major Source of Air Pollution at 100+ U.S. Port Cities, New EDF Report Shows PORT NEWARK, N.J., March 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) applauds the historic request by the U.S. government to protect millions of Americans from deadly global shipping pollution generated by large ocean-going ships. During a noon news conference today at Port Newark, New Jersey, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson...

2005-10-05 17:38:50

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Diesel fumes from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach -- the busiest U.S. seaport complex -- raise the risk of cancer for people living up to 15 miles inland, a new air quality study says. The report by the California Air Resources Board said 50,000 people living closest to the two ports face a higher-than-average risk of developing cancer from port pollution alone. But even residents living within 15 miles of the complex face a slightly higher risk than...

2005-07-19 13:21:40

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian spotter planes will for the first time start monitoring Arctic waters for illegal discharges of waste by ships which could damage the region's delicate environment, officials said on Tuesday. As part of an experiment, the aircraft, which currently monitor ice conditions in the North, will look for signs of pollution from ships until the end of October, when the waters freeze. "We have observed an increase in shipping and oil drilling and exploration activities...

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