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Anthropologist Narrows Down History Of Animal And Human Relationship
2011-10-03 12:09:13

Anthropologist Pat Shipman says that when our prehistoric ancestors began interacting with animals they developed empathy for them. The leading American anthropologist says these ancient humans' relationships with animals helped propel humanity towards global domination. The Observer reported that Shipman said interacting with animals on an intimate basis led humans to help develop sophisticated tools and evolve enhanced communication skills. She traced humanity's animals connection...

2010-07-21 10:48:17

It's no secret to any dog-lover or cat-lover that humans have a special connection with animals.   But in a new journal article and forthcoming book, paleoanthropologist Pat Shipman of Penn State University argues that this human-animal connection goes well beyond simple affection.  Shipman proposes that the interdependency of ancestral humans with other animal species "” "the animal connection" "” played a crucial and beneficial role in human evolution over the...

2009-11-11 06:06:24

On Tuesday, former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak pleaded guilty to reduced charges and avoided jail time for her 2007 attack on a romantic rival. Nowak apologized in court to her victim, which was former Air Force Captain Colleen Shipman, before being sentenced to a year on probation. "I am sincerely sorry to cause fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure ... I hope very much that we can move forward from this in privacy," Nowak said after the judge directed her to turn...

2007-11-09 00:55:00

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Prosecutors on Thursday appealed a judge's order to strike the arrest interview and vehicle search of former astronaut Lisa Nowak, accused of attacking a romantic rival. Circuit Judge Marc L. Lubet agreed last week with the defense that police coerced Nowak and didn't appropriately advise her of her Miranda rights. Assistant State Attorney Pamela Davis' Thursday filing does not specify a cause for appeal. Nowak is charged with attempted kidnapping, battery and burglary...

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