Latest Short-term memory Stories

2008-04-03 10:20:00

A new study by researchers at UC Davis shows how our very short-term "working memory," which allows the brain to stitch together sensory information, operates. The system retains a limited number of high-resolution images for a few seconds, rather than a wider range of fuzzier impressions.Humans rarely move their eyes smoothly. As our eyes flit from object to object, the visual system briefly shuts off to cut down visual "noise," said Steven J. Luck, professor of psychology at the UC Davis...

2005-02-19 09:55:10

Researchers identify mechanisms behind short-term recall HealthDay News -- Remembering phone numbers, names at a party, directions to a restaurant: All are tasks that demand short-term, but not necessarily long-term, memory. Neuroscientists have long puzzled over mechanisms behind short-term, or "working," memory, and now monkeys and a mathematical model may solve the mystery. Reporting in the Feb. 18 issue of Science, researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory say they trained macaque...

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