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Headless Remains Of Australian Outlaw Ned Kelly Identified
2011-09-01 11:18:58

  One of Australia´s most notorious outlaws was identified by his remains dug up from under Melbourne´s now-disused Pentridge Prison, 131 years after the outcast was hanged for murder. Ned Kelly, considered by some to be a cold-blooded killer, was seen as a folk hero and symbol of Irish-Australian defiance against British authorities. After murdering three policemen, he was captured in Victoria in 1880 and hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol in November of that year. But his...

2009-08-14 07:27:48

An amateur home movie purported to be the last footage of the late British comedy star Stan Laurel is to be screened for the public, the film's owner said. The clip is believed to contain the last known film images of Laurel, half of the famous comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy. It is said to have never been viewed publicly. The rare and historic 8 millimeter film, which captures a playful Laurel displaying his trademark impish smile while scratching his head, is just two minutes in length and...

2009-08-13 13:32:31

A new study from the University of Copenhagen digs deep into the history of Danish cinema and unearths the story of how modern cinema industry came into being. In his dissertation "Anatomy of the Polar Bear", PhD scholar Isak Thorsen reveals that the early success "“ and subsequent failure "“ of the famous Danish film company Nordisk Film, which was founded in 1906, rested solely on the company's organizational and operational proficiency and not, as scholars have hitherto...

2008-11-06 18:00:12

A historical epic called "Ben Hur Live" and featuring 400 performers and 100 animals is to be staged at The O2 in London, AEG Europe announced Thursday. The production's world premiere is slated to take place at the venue Sept.15, 2009, with two other performances scheduled there Sept. 18 and 19. "The idea for 'Ben Hur Live' began 15 years ago," German producer Franz Abraham, the show's creator, said in a statement. "Right from the beginning, I aimed to create something completely new,...

2008-10-12 12:00:09

By Edward Reichel Deseret News Giacomo Puccini's "Madame Butterfly" has the distinction of being one of the most produced operas in the United States. It's a crowd pleaser, with its beautiful melodies and heart-wrenching story of passion and shattered love. It was also one of Puccini's favorites. Notorious for constantly revising his scores, Puccini labored for years after "Madame Butterfly" premiered at La Scala in 1904 to perfect it. There are no less than seven revisions, but no matter...

2008-10-02 00:00:14

Silence, please, for the launch of a season of classic films with a contemporary sound. Four movies from the pre-sound era are getting new music for special shows at the Jill Craigie Cinema on the University of Plymouth campus. The season, the first at the new venue, starts tomorrow with the landmark Buster Keaton comedy The General (1925). Laugh as the great man goes through his range of mad and daring stunts, to the tune of Andrew Odber's piano score and live improvisation. On...

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2010-10-27 22:37:47

The Kinetoscope is an early motion picture device although not a movie projector. It is designed to be viewed by an individual through a window of a cabinet housing its components. It works by creating the illusion of movement by conveying a strip of perforated film bearing sequential images over a light source with a high-speed shutter. Thomas Edison was the first to describe it in conceptual terms; however, William Kennedy Laurie Dickson was the first to develop it. Ten Kinetoscopes...

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