Latest Silver Nano Stories

Frank Kjeldsen
2014-02-28 08:17:46

Endocrine disrupters are not the only worrying chemicals that ordinary consumers are exposed to in everyday life. Also nanoparticles of silver, found in e.g. dietary supplements, cosmetics and food packaging, now worry scientists.

New Technique Detects Toxic Nanoparticles In Fresh Produce, Other Foods Products
2013-08-23 08:22:21

The use of nanomaterials for water treatment, food packaging, pesticides, cosmetics and other industrial uses has increased over the last few years. In regards to use in food packaging, these nanoparticles may also be entering our bodies through food consumption.

2011-05-12 11:20:24

Nanoparticles of silver are being found increasingly in the environment—and in environmental science laboratories.

2011-03-10 15:19:06

Nanotech consumer products continue to grow at a consistent pace.

2011-02-23 18:00:34

McGill researchers develop a new and inexpensive way of filtering water using silver nanoparticles Disasters such as floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes often result in the spread of diseases like gastroenteritis, giardiasis and even cholera because of an immediate shortage of clean drinking water. Now, chemistry researchers at McGill University have taken a key step towards making a cheap, portable, paper-based filter coated with silver nanoparticles to be used in these emergency settings....

2011-02-16 16:52:21

Scientists are reporting development and successful lab tests of "killer paper," a material intended for use as a new food packaging material that helps preserve foods by fighting the bacteria that cause spoilage.

2010-05-24 08:45:40

Writing in the International Journal of Nanoparticles, Rani Pattabi and colleagues at Mangalore University, explain how blasting silver nitrate solution with an electron beam can generate nanoparticles that are more effective at killing all kinds of bacteria, including gram-negative species that are not harmed by conventional antibacterial agents.

2010-02-24 11:45:06

Chemists at the University of Helsinki have managed to manufacture new polymer-stabilized silver nanoparticles.

2009-10-28 13:48:52

Scientists in Switzerland are reporting results of one of the first studies on the release of silver nanoparticles from laundering those anti-odor, anti-bacterial socks now on the market.

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