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2009-03-16 11:25:33

U.S. paleontologists say 25 teenage dinosaurs who died trapped in mud are giving scientists new information on ancient history in Asia's Gobi Desert. The dinos died together 90 million years ago after running into a sinkhole of mud in western Inner Mongolia, said Paul Sereno, a University of Chicago paleontologist who led the expedition. The skeletons of the two-legged, plant-eating, Sinornithomimus dongi were so perfectly preserved they contained the remains of the dinos' last meal, Sereno...

2009-03-16 08:15:00

A herd of young birdlike dinosaurs met their death on the muddy margins of a lake some 90 million years ago, according to a team of Chinese and American paleontologists that excavated the site in the Gobi Desert in western Inner Mongolia. The sudden death of the herd in a mud trap provides a rare snapshot of social behavior. Composed entirely of juveniles of a single species of ornithomimid dinosaur (Sinornithomimus dongi), the herd suggests that immature individuals were left to fend for...

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  • The call or cry of a bird or other animal to its mate or its young.
'Call-note' is newer than 'bird-call,' which originally referred to 'an instrument for imitating the note of birds' but now also refers to 'the song or cry of a bird.'