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2010-07-12 06:45:00

According to a study published on Sunday, a gene linked to increased life span through calorie restriction also appears to play a critical role in boosting memory and brain power.

2010-07-01 16:25:06

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators have found that an enzyme with several important roles in energy metabolism also helps to turn off the body's generation of fats and cholesterol under conditions of fasting.

2010-05-11 13:00:22

Apoptosis, the natural 'programmed' death of cells, is arrested in the aftermath of strenuous exercise.

2010-02-01 08:56:56

Understanding how aged and damaged mother cells manage to form new and undamaged daughter cells is one of the toughest riddles of ageing, but scientists now know how yeast cells do it.

2009-12-15 20:47:46

The Sirt1 enzyme in the body has generated enormous attention as a possible secret to living longer.

2009-12-15 12:52:26

A new paper from MIT biology professor Leonard Guarente strengthens the link between longevity proteins called sirtuins and the lifespan-extending effects of calorie restriction.

2009-06-10 14:31:19

Researchers at The Wistar Institute have defined a key target of an evolutionarily conserved protein that regulates the process of aging. The study, published June 11 in Nature, provides fundamental knowledge about key mechanisms of aging that could point toward new anti-aging strategies and cancer therapies.

2009-04-13 08:20:53

New study identifies another anti-cancer effect of the 'longevity' protein SIRT1.

2009-02-20 10:02:32

People everywhere are feeling the stress of a worldwide recession. Our cells, too, are under continual assault from stress.

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