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2014-01-29 23:34:05

Request A Test has added new selections for Fluoride blood or urine testing to their online test menu. Brecksville, OH (PRWEB) January 29, 2014

Too Much Tea Leads To Chronic Bone Disease, Teeth Loss
2013-03-22 09:32:24

A new report in NEJM describes a woman who had a daily tea intake so high that it caused her to have extremely high levels of fluoride, resulting in her contracting symptoms such as extremely dense bones and brittle teeth.

2012-04-27 00:03:03

Increased intake of dietary calcium may be key to addressing widespread dental health problems faced by millions of rural residents in Ethiopia's remote, poverty-stricken Main Rift Valley.

Engineering Safer Drinking Water In Africa
2012-02-07 04:19:30

In the United States and other developed countries, fluoride is often added to drinking water and toothpaste to help strengthen teeth. But too much naturally occurring fluoride can have exactly the opposite effect.

2011-03-30 10:59:00

NEW YORK, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In 1990, the New York State Department of Health (DoH) published a study, "Fluoride: Benefits and Risks of Exposure," alerting officials that fluoride can be harmful to kidney patients, diabetics and those with fluoride hypersensitivity even at "optimal" levels.(1) But the advice went unheeded, research left undone and today's claims of safety ring hollow, says NYS Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. Twelve million New Yorkers drink...

2011-02-07 18:01:00

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The federal government has proposed that water fluoride levels be lowered to 0.7 parts per million to stem the growing incidence of dental fluorosis (discolored and/or pitted teeth), which now affects 41% of adolescents ages 12-15.

2010-12-09 20:20:01

Used in the proper amounts, it can make teeth stronger and aid in the treatment of osteoporosis.

2010-11-01 08:09:00

NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Fluoride consumption from tea and toothpaste damaged a woman's bones, report researchers in Osteoporosis International published online October 9, 2010. Fluoride, added to water intending to reduce tooth decay, accumulates in and can weaken bones.

2008-08-20 00:00:22

The Government's own commissioned report decided that there is absolutely no evidence that fluoride benefits teeth and that there could actually be a "disbenefit".

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