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Stink Badger Mydaus
2013-01-01 15:02:03

The stink badger (Mydaus) is a genus of mammals that contains two species that are not true badgers. These belong in the skunk family Mephitidae. The two species within this genus are known as the Palawan stink badger and the Sunda stink badger, which is also known as the Teledu. These species can be found on the islands of the Malay Archipelago, including Java, Borneo, and Sumatra. The Palawan...

Striped Hog-nosed Skunk Conepatus semistriatus
2012-07-17 14:50:26

The striped hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus semistriatus) is native to South and Central America, but its range is fragmented. It is able to live in many habitats, including tropical areas and arid scrub forests. It prefers to reside in foothills with bushy scrub, and will avoid deserts or heavily forested areas. It is a nocturnal creature that feeds mainly on small vertebrates, fruits, and...

American Hog-nosed Skunk Conepatus leuconotus
2012-07-17 14:46:45

The American hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus leuconotus), also known as the rooter skunk, is native to North and Central America. This species’ large range includes much of Mexico, and Texas and Colorado in the United States. In its range, it prefers a habitat within rocky terrain, streambeds, and canyons, and in Mexico, it occurs in many areas including mountains, tropical areas, and thorn...

Hooded Skunk
2009-02-16 18:54:47

The Hooded Skunk (Mephitis macroura) is a species of skunk similar to the Striped Skunk. It is most abundant in Mexico, but its range extends south into central America and north into the Southwestern United States. Its habitat is grassland, high desert, and in the foothills of mountains. It avoids high elevation however. It prefers areas near water, such as rivers. Although similar to the...

African Striped Weasel
2007-10-23 13:58:02

The African Striped Weasel (Poecilogale albinucha), is the only member in the genus Poecilogale. It is a small black and white weasel native to sub-Saharan Africa. The African striped weasel lives in forests, wetlands, and grasslands. It is a nocturnal hunter of small mammals, birds, and reptiles. The weasel kills its prey by whipping its own body and kicking, making use of its thin, lithe,...

Eastern Spotted Skunk
2007-06-25 07:49:51

The Eastern Spotted Skunk, Spilogale putorius, is one of three species of spotted skunks in the genus Spilogale. Spotted skunks weigh between 1 and 3 pounds. They are black with a white spot on the forehead and interrupted white stripes over its back and sides that give the appearance of spots. The spotted skunk protects itself by spraying a strong and unpleasant scent. Two glands on the...

Western Hog-nosed Skunk Common Hog-nosed Skunk
2007-06-25 07:48:03

The Western Hog-nosed Skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus, also known as the Common Hog-nosed Skunk, is a species of skunk native to the southwestern United States (Arizona to southern Texas) south through Mexico to Nicaragua. In Texas it is commonly called the rooter skunk for its habit of rooting and overturning rocks and debris in search of food. This species tends to inhabit rocky foothills and...

Western Hog-nosed Skunk
2007-01-22 14:55:46

The western hog-nosed skunk or common hog-nosed skunk (Conepatus mesoleucus) is a species of hog-nosed skunk native from the southwestern United States (Arizona to southern Texas). It is also found south through Mexico to Nicaragua. In Texas, it is commonly known as the rooter skunk for its habit of rooting and overturning rocks and debris in search of food. The western hog-nosed skunk is a...

Western Spotted Skunk
2007-01-22 14:51:37

The Western Spotted Skunk (Spilogale gracilis) is a spotted skunk found throughout the western United States, northern Mexico, and southwestern British Columbia. It was once thought to be the same species as the Eastern Spotted Skunk but in fact has a different reproductive cycle. The western spotted skunk is smaller than the striped skunk. There total length is usually 13.78 to 21.65 in (35 to...

Striped Skunk
2007-01-22 14:50:32

The striped skunk, Mephitis mephitis, is an omnivorous mammal of the skunk family Mephitidae. Found over most of the North American continent north of Mexico, it is one of the most well known mammals in Canada and the United States. The striped skunk has a black body with a white stripe along each side of its body. The two stripes join into a broader white area at the nape. Its forehead has...

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