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2011-07-06 16:12:27

Researchers at The Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles have successfully created a tissue-engineered small intestine in mice that replicates the intestinal structures of natural intestine—a necessary first step toward someday applying this regenerative medicine technique to humans.

2010-08-31 13:25:25

Researchers at the Faculty of Health Sciences have succeeded in decoding the genetic key that gives particular intestinal cells their identity.

2010-06-15 12:41:00

WILKESBORO, N.C., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Organic Balance(TM) announced today in a new report that the #1 benefit reported by their customers has been, "No more upset stomachs!" "Because of our exclusive Serum Specific Process (SSP(TM)) technology, the Organic Balance product line does not dissolve in the stomach like other vitamins and supplements on the market," stated Dean Crowell, Organic Balance(TM) President and COO.

2010-05-14 13:23:31

Scientists at the Stanford University School of Medicine have pushed into place another piece of the puzzle of how Listeria monocytogenes, a dangerous food-borne pathogen, slips through the intestine's defenses and causes disease.

2010-05-04 15:57:24

New treatments for intestinal failure and other intestinal absorption disorders are a step closer to the patients who need them after a discovery in Kelly Tappenden's University of Illinois laboratory.

2010-03-31 08:31:27

Bile secretions in the small intestine send signals to disease-causing gut bacteria allowing them to change their behavior to maximize their chances of surviving.

2008-08-31 03:00:04

By Bouritius, Hetty van Hoorn, Danny C; Oosting, Annemarie; van Middelaar-Voskuilen, Mariska C; van Limpt, Cees J P; Lamb, Kelly J; van Leeuwen, Paul A M; Vriesema, Aldwin J M; van Norren, Klaske Background: Overnight fasting of rats augments the susceptibility of the small intestine to ischemia-reperfusion damage.

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Duodenal Atresia
2013-07-19 15:38:56

Duodenal atresia is a congenital closure of the lumen of the duodenum, which is the first portion of the small intestine and is separated from the stomach by the pyloric sphincter. During fetal development, the duodenum develops from the posterior portion of the foregut and the anterior portion of the midgut. The liver and pancreas originate from the diverticulum arising from the ventral part of the duodenum, and the bile duct runs along the ventral free side of the duodenum. Rotation and...

Small Intestine
2013-03-04 15:13:09

The small intestine is the part of the digestive tract that follows the stomach and is followed by the large intestine. Formation and Orientation The small intestine is on average between 22 feet 6 inches and 24 feet 4 inches. It is composed of three distinct structural parts; the duodenum, the jejunum, and the ileum. The duodenum is the part of the intestine where most chemical breakdown happens; it is also the shortest part of the intestine. It starts at the duodenal bulb and stops...

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