Latest Smoking ban Stories

Quitting Smoking May Drive You To Drink
2013-02-14 09:54:00

A new study indicates that people trying to quit smoking may consume alcohol to help cope with their urge to smoke.

2013-01-31 23:02:18

A recent study from the Massachusetts General Hospital found a detectable level of the nicotine metabolite, cotinine, in 88% of non-smoking children and adults, indicating that they had been involuntarily

2013-01-29 16:55:40

The hazards of breathing outdoor air in some Chinese cities have been well-documented.

New Smoking Laws Reduce Hospital Admissions For Children With Asthma
2013-01-22 20:54:47

Admissions fell by 12.3 percent in first year of legislation, finds an Imperial College study.

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