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2006-01-25 13:00:00

LONDON -- Land snails, not the quickest of creatures, managed to travel from Europe to remote islands in the South Atlantic by hitching rides on birds. Scientists had assumed that snails living on the Tristan da Cunha islands midway between South Africa and Brazil were a different species from those in Europe but researchers in the Netherlands and Britain have shown they belong to the same family. "Land snails, which we normally think of as being rather slow moving, can actually disperse...

2005-12-19 19:37:14

NEW ORLEANS -- There are plenty of culprits from which to choose in assigning blame for the destruction of Louisiana's marshes: oil companies that carved wetlands to tatters with their exploratory canals, levees that hemmed in the nourishing waters of the Mississippi River, burrowing nutria that left marshes exposed to grass-killing saltwater. Now, the state's dwindling coastline must deal with another nemesis: the marble-sized periwinkle snail. Researchers from Brown and Louisiana State...

2005-09-19 15:54:50

(Philadelphia, PA) - Using a recently developed mouse model of breast cancer, a team from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has shown that Snail, a molecule normally important in embryonic development, can promote breast cancer recurrence. They also found that high Snail expression predicts more rapid tumor recurrence in women who have been treated for breast cancer. These observations suggest that Snail may represent a target for cancer therapy. Among women, breast cancer is...

2005-07-21 13:03:38

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Tiny, snail-eating caterpillars found in Hawaiian rain forests tie up their prey with sticky silk and snack on them at leisure, surprised scientists said on Thursday. It is the first time that caterpillars that eat snails or any other mollusk have been found, the researchers write in Friday's issue of the journal Science. And while caterpillars of all kinds spin silk to make cocoons, this is the first time one has been seen to use it as spiders do to capture prey....

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Burgundy Snail, Helix pomatia
2013-10-14 09:35:00

The Burgundy Snail (Helix pomatia), known also as the Roman Snail, is an edible species of large, air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk belonging to the family Helicidae. It’s a European species. It is called by the French name escargot when it is used in cooking. This species can be found in Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, southwestern Bulgaria, northern and central Balkans, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and...

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