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Researchers Find King-sized Crustacean In Deep Pacific Trench
2012-02-03 08:48:10

During an expedition to the Kermadec Trench north of New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean researchers discovered a ℠supergiant´ amphipod measuring 10 times the size of typical amphipods. Typically deep sea amphipods are about an inch long (2-3 centimeters) with the exception of the ℠giant´ amphipod found in Antarctica which can be up to 4 inches long (10 centimeters). But the latest discovery, in the world´s deepest ocean at depths of 23,000 feet, measures an...

2010-07-02 00:41:24

New observations indicate that liparids dominate the deep A study of the occurrence of fishes in the ocean's deepest reaches"”the hadal zone, below 6000 meters"”has provided evidence that some species of fishes are more numerous at such depths than experts had thought. The authors of the study, which is published in the July/August issue of BioScience, observed 10 to 20 snailfish congregating at a depth of 7703 meters around a baited video lander in the Japan Trench. The...

2008-10-08 15:00:20

By GRAEME SMITH SCOTTISH scientists have filmed the world's deepest iving fish for the first time. They sent cameras deeper than ever before, nearly five miles (7.7km) beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean into one of the world's deepest ocean trenches, and found groups of highly sociable snailfish swarming over their bait. Project leader Dr Alan Jamieson, of Aberdeen University's Oceanlab, said: "We got some absolutely amazing footage from 7700 metres. [Of] more fish than we or...

2008-10-08 06:00:23

By Frank Urquhart A STAGGERING five miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, scientists had been hoping, at best, to film a solitary fish able to exist in the deepest reaches of the world's seas. And they assumed anything they succeeded in capturing on film would almost certainly be a "monster" - a weird and ugly specimen similar to the shrivelled samples of deep-sea species preserved in the world's marine research institutes. But a team of marine biologists, led by scientists at...

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2007-04-05 00:42:29

Lumpsuckers or Lumpfish are mostly small scorpaeniform marine fish of the family Cyclopteridae. They are found in the cold waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, and North Pacific oceans. The greatest number of species is found in the North Pacific. The roe of larger species is used extensively in Danish cuisine, where the fish are known as stenbider. The roe is also used as a delicious and affordable alternative to the sometimes wildly expensive caviar. The family name Cyclopteridae...

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