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2008-08-04 12:00:00

By Andrew Weeks, The Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho Aug. 4--Sometimes nature can use a little boost.

2008-07-28 15:00:35

By Rocky Barker, The Idaho Statesman, Boise Jul. 26--The first sockeye salmon of the year returned to the Sawtooth Valley on Friday, and fisheries biologists are hoping hundreds more will follow.

2008-07-25 21:00:21

By ERIK ROBINSON The federal license for Merwin Dam and three other Lewis River power projects has been renewed for 50 years. Pacific Power will get into the fish transportation business by the end of 2012.

2008-07-25 15:00:40

By Erik Robinson, The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash. Jul. 25--Pacific Power will get into the fish transportation business by the end of 2012. For 77 years, a 313-foot-high concrete plug has stopped the migration of salmon and steelhead in the North Fork of the Lewis River.

2008-07-24 18:00:35

By Scott Learn, The Oregonian, Portland, Ore. Jul.

2008-06-25 18:02:34

By John Trumbo, Tri-City Herald, Kennewick, Wash. Jun. 25--Hikers and bikers have a new path to explore on the Franklin County side of the Snake River.

2008-06-25 15:02:34

By Kevin Bonham, Grand Forks Herald, N.D. Jun. 25--WARREN, Minn. -- Authorities broke ground Tuesday on a $10.5 million rural flood-control project. The Agassiz Valley Water Resource Management project is designed to hold water back from the Snake River during times of flooding.

2008-06-17 15:00:24

By Erik Robinson, The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash. Jun. 17--Back to court, again. Environmental groups will sue the federal government over its latest plan to balance imperiled salmon with the operation of hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River basin.

2008-06-17 09:00:31

By Nate Poppino, The Times-News, Twin Falls, Idaho Jun. 17--SUN VALLEY -- Someone must be doing things right when a panel on the Clean Water Act draws a standing-room-only crowd.

2008-05-23 00:00:11

By Scott Sandsberry By Eric Barker Lewiston Tribune LEWISTON, Idaho -- Just about anywhere you find fresh water you can find crawfish. If you can't, just ask Wally Biederstedt of Lewiston. He'll gladly tell you where the hot crawfishing spots are and even sell you a trap or two.

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Shoshone National Forest
2014-07-31 09:55:03

Shoshone National Forest is located in the state of Wyoming. It is comprised of 2,500,000 acres of protected land and is separated into five districts including the Washakie Ranger District and the Greybull Ranger District. It was part of the Yellowstone Timberland Reserve, which was the first national forest in America, but was given its own status as a national forest in 1891. Evidence has shown that Native American tribes have inhabited the lands of the Shoshone National Forest from as...

Tentacled Snake, Erpeton tentaculatum
2013-10-07 09:56:54

The Tentacled Snake (Erpeton tentaculatum) gets its name from the two fleshy rostral appendages (tentacles) located on the snakes snout. This unique feature allows for simple classification of the species and makes it one of the most easily recognizable snakes on the planet. Each scale-covered tentacle measures less than a quarter inch (4-5 mm). You may also hear this species referred to as the Fishing Snake or the Tentacled Fishing Snake because the species is strictly piscivorous, meaning...

Mole Snake, Pseudaspis cana
2013-10-07 09:34:45

The Mole Snake (Pseudaspis cana) is a South African species of snake in the Colubridae family. Like a majority of this family, the mole snake is non-venomous, although it can be quite aggressive and has been known to cause severe bite wounds. Although the young have dark markings and spots, a fully developed mole snake is usually mostly one color. Colors may vary from brown, grey, yellow and black. The Mole Snake may grow up to lengths of almost seven feet. Interestingly enough, the color...

2012-06-14 13:09:30

Symbol: PHINI Group: Dicot Family: Brassicaceae Duration: Perennial Growth Habit: Forb/herb Native Status: L48    N Synonyms:   PHDII Physaria didymocarpa (Hook.) A. Gray var. integrifolia Rollins Distribution: County distributions for the following U.S. states are available at PLANTS:WY Classification:       Kingdom   Plantae – Plants Subkingdom   Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision   Spermatophyta –...

Idaho Ground Squirrel, (Urocitellus brunneus)
2012-04-23 06:30:00

The Idaho ground squirrel (Urocitellus brunneus), also called the Idaho Spotted ground squirrel, is one of the largest of the ground squirrel breed. It has two subspecies, both located in Idaho. Both the northern and southern Idaho ground squirrels have a sexual diphorism, where the males are usually larger than the females. This ground squirrel species generally weighs between .3 pounds and .4 pounds, with an average length of 9.2 inches. They hibernate from eight to nine months a year. The...

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