Latest Snowzilla Stories

2008-12-31 10:20:57

Inspired by the 25-foot Snowzilla, the organizer of the Fur Rendezvous festival in Anchorage, Alaska, is planning to build his own giant snowman. Ernie Hall, the chairman of the festival board, told the Anchorage Daily News that he is not trying to compete with Billy Ray Powers, who has built Snowzilla for several years in his yard. This year's Snowzilla appeared overnight a few days before Christmas after the city decreed that the Airport Heights neighborhood could not handle a giant...

2008-12-27 16:26:27

A group of protesting snowmen carrying signs like Snowpeople have rights made a brief appearance at city hall in Anchorage, Alaska, this week. The 3-foot-high snowmen appeared Christmas Day, the Anchorage Daily News reported. By Friday morning, they had been removed and their signs placed in the trash. The city has been going through a flap over Snowzilla, a supersized snowman created every winter since 2003 by Anchorage resident Billy Ray Powers. This year, the city enjoined Powers from...

2008-12-24 14:05:10

The giant snowman an Anchorage, Alaska, man has created annually since 2005, has reappeared despite a city ban but he says he doesn't know who made it. Billy Powers told the Anchorage Daily News the 25-foot Snowzilla, complete with hat and carrot nose, went up in defiance of a stop-work order. A small snowman was also built in the wee hours Tuesday in front of city hall. Snowzilla became a celebrity when the Powers family first built one three years ago. But city officials say that they have...

2008-12-22 14:47:32

City officials in Anchorage, Alaska, have deemed a family's annual tradition of building a 16-foot-tall snowman a safety hazard. The Powers family, who have been building the snowman -- known as Snowzilla -- in their Airport Heights neighborhood yard since 2005, said city code enforcers left cease-and-desist signs at the giant snowball that was to have formed the sculpture's base, the Anchorage Daily News reported Monday. The family's patriarch, Billy Powers, said only the base of the snowman...

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