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Instagram Numbers Swell To 80 Million Users
2012-07-27 13:36:48

Instagram announced today that there are now 80 million Instagram users the world over, shooting a cumulative 4 billion filtered photos of food, cats and city skylines.

Twitter New
2012-07-27 10:25:00

Ironic, isn’t it, that a social networking service meant to keep people always connected with one another, just wants to be left alone.

Faceboon Q2 Earnings Disappoint
2012-07-27 07:29:55

Facebook posted its earnings report for Q2 2012 this week, posting a quarterly loss of $157 million, though much of that was due to one-time fees relating to the IPO.

2012-07-21 23:03:12

Recently, social sharing technology has become all the rage among entrepreneurs.

2012-07-21 23:00:47

LinkedInfluence review has been released by MayDayReport.com for Lewis Howes LinkedInfluence program.

2012-07-20 23:00:40

The Chatwing team has released a globally-inclined chat widget with easy mechanism. This chat tool can be used by bloggers when it comes to visibility boost.

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