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2012-03-06 08:00:00

Social Search Network's members use Google Translate, Hollywood insiders top success secrets and "Social Networking Yourself" revelations to get free online publicity to best market their name, face, news, photos, videos and posts in social Internet movements to help them achieve power, fun, fame, fortune and social and career success. SSN, http://www.socialsearchnetwork.com, the world's new "career friendly," "publicity friendly" and "language friendly" social networking website is designed...

2012-02-20 13:38:29

AAAS symposium looks at complex networks like politics, infectious diseases, terrorism Indiana University's Filippo Menczer has shown how to "out" political astroturfers through his complex networks laboratory's study of information diffusion on Twitter. The research team went on to learn that while retweet networks are politically segregated between left- and right-leaners, Twitter "mentions" actually create a communication bridge between the two partisan groups. Now the Truthy team...

2012-02-17 10:00:00

Author, Reiki Healer and Master Teacher Chris Comish has launched his new social networking site, http://www.CityofShamballa.net. (PRWEB) February 17, 2012 Chris Comish is pleased to announce the release of his new social networking website, http://www.CityofShamballa.net. Comish, an author of 14 books and a Reiki Healer and Master Teacher, founded The City of Shamballa to help connect thousands of people to divine energies around the world instantly. “The energies of Reiki and other...

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The word 'ween' comes from Middle English wene, from Old English wēn, wēna ("hope, weening, expectation"), from Proto-Germanic *wēniz, *wēnōn (“hope, expectation”), from Proto-Indo-European *wen- (“to strive, love, want, reach, win”).