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2010-01-21 13:55:00

Bernard Piccard is hoping to raise awareness about the potential for renewable energy by flying a solar-powered aircraft around the world. At the recent World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Piccard told AFP that he wants to "fly day and night to show that, with renewable energies, you can have unlimited duration of flight, no restriction." Piccard held a booth at the summit to promote his venture. Piccard, a 51-year-old Swiss psychiatrist, plans to fly his unique "Solar Impulse"...

2009-12-04 07:44:22

An aircraft dubbed 'Solar Impulse', HB-SIA prototype, took to the air for the first time with test pilot Markus Scherdel on board in Duebendorf airport near Zurich on Thursday. Co-founders Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg said the high tech single-seater made a controlled 400 meter flight about a meter above the runway. Borschberg told AFP, "A plane like that never flown before and it's extraordinary... because it's an area of flight that has been unexplored until now." "It was very...

2009-11-19 13:31:00

An experimental plane is set to sail across the world on solar power. This week, the Solar Impulse plane left its hangar for the first time while engineers conducted tests on the craft. The plane is set to fly for the first time in February, with additional plans for a trip across the Atlantic in 2012, piloted by Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard. "It's very exciting, we are moving now toward a very concrete phase," Solar Impulse chief executive Andre Borschberg told BBC News. "You have to...

2009-06-26 11:15:00

Swiss adventurer, Bertrand Piccard, revealed on Friday the prototype of a solar powered plane that he plans to use as he embarks on an around the world flight demonstrating the possibilities of alternative energy.  The prototype, HB-SIA, has the wingspan of a jumbo jet but only weighs as much as a mid-sized family car. The plane is powered by four electric motors and is designed to fly both day and night by storing extra energy from its 24,000 solar cells in high-performance...

2008-09-24 03:00:26

By Grose, Thomas K AERONAUTICS Planes that employ solar energy have been around since the 1970s. But Swiss scientist and pilot Bertrand Piccard is developing a sun-powered plane that's truly revolutionary. He expects his Solar Impulse aircraft to circumnavigate the Earth by 2011 in a five-leg, monthlong mission. If he succeeds, it will be the first manned solar-powered plane to take off under its own power and remain aloft once the sun's gone to bed. At night, the plane will glide at lower...

2008-02-19 10:00:00

Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard wants to be the first man to fly a solar-powered airplane around the world. The problem, he says, is that more money is needed to finish building the craft. He said that the prototype of the "SolarImpulse" plane, which relies on no fuel or emissions, was already in the works. So, far Piccard said Solar Impulse has already raised $60 million of the $90 million project."What we need now is to have the second part of the funding, for the second airplane to fly...

2005-07-06 15:13:23

ESA -- Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard is constructing a solar-powered plane to fly around the world. His aim is to support sustainable development by demonstrating what renewable energy and new technologies can achieve. ESA is assisting by making available European space technologies and expertise through its Technology Transfer Programme. Bertrand Piccard made the first non-stop around the world balloon-flight in a Breitling Orbiter in 1999 with Brian Jones from Britain. Now together...

2005-02-28 07:13:45

PARIS (AFP) -- Icarus crashed and burned when he flew too close to the sun, but now a Swiss adventurer wants to carve out a place in history by harnessing solar energy to fly a state-of-the-art plane around the world. So far the plane to be used by 47-year-old psychiatrist Bertrand Piccard exists only in the computers of the researchers at the Lausanne polytechnic, where a team of about 50 scientists are working on the 40-million-euro project, funded by four sponsors who so far remain in the...

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