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Powerful 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Solomon Islands, Triggers Deadly Tsunami
2013-02-06 07:00:15

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Villages on the Solomon Islands were struck by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake Wednesday, triggering a deadly tsunami that has taken the lives of at least six people, according to the latest estimates. Coastal Pacific communities as far away as Hawaii and Australia were also on high alert following the temblor yesterday afternoon. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) said that a small tsunami wave reached part of the Solomon...

2011-03-11 11:17:00

LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- International Medical Corps is responding to the situation in Japan and tsunami-warning areas, following an 8.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Japan's coast, triggering a tsunami that devastated northern parts of the country and put a tsunami warning in effect for much of the Pacific. "We are putting together relief teams, as well as supplies, and are in contact with partners in Japan and other affected countries to assess needs and coordinate...

2010-02-27 16:02:00

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --International Medical Corps is monitoring the situation in Chile and in areas in the Pacific basin where tsunami warnings have been issued, following an 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck early Saturday. Emergency Response Teams are preparing to deploy to Chile and potential tsunami areas, and are gathering the necessary medicines and supplies. The quake struck at 3:34 a.m. local time and was centered about 70 miles from Concepcion,...

2009-04-09 13:05:40

U.S. geoscientists say the 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake might point to previously unknown increased earthquake and tsunami risks. Professor Kevin Furlong of Pennsylvania State University and his colleagues studied the unusual tectonic plate geography and the sudden change in direction of the April 1, 2007, tsunami-generating earthquake. The magnitude 8.1 earthquake occurred east of Papua, New Guinea, off the coast of the Solomon Islands and its subsequent tsunami killed about 50 people,...

2006-05-27 23:50:48

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A strong quake measuring 6.7 in magnitude rocked the South Pacific island nation of Tonga on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The New Britain region of Papua New Guinea was also shaken by a 6.2 magnitude quake, the USGS reported. It was unclear whether the tremors had caused any casualties or damage.

2005-09-10 10:37:47

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Efforts to assess the impact of a large earthquake deep under the sea in a remote region of Papua New Guinea were hindered on Saturday by a lack of communication with local villages, emergency officials said. Friday's quake, measuring 7.3 in magnitude shook, parts of New Britain and New Ireland provinces but there were no immediate reports of damage. "We do not believe there was much damage to villages or any loss of life, but we are still trying to contact our...

2005-09-09 07:24:23

SYDNEY, Sept 9 - A major earthquake measuring 7.3 in magnitude shook parts of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific on Friday, but there were no immediate reports of damage and a tsunami was unlikely, officials said. However, efforts to contact residents in remote areas near the quake were being hindered by poor communication lines, a spokesman for Papua New Guinea's National Disaster and Emergency Services said. "At this stage we are still trying to get information from the...

2005-09-09 04:55:31

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A major earthquake measuring 7.3 in magnitude shook parts of Papua New Guinea on Friday, but there were no immediate reports of damage and a tsunami was unlikely, officials said. The epicenter of the quake, which struck at 0735 GMT, was off the east coast of New Britain, about 130 km (81 miles) east-southeast of Rabaul, the Hong Kong Observatory said. "No damage has been reported at this point in time to the U.S. Geological Survey," U.S. Geological Survey...

2005-03-29 07:32:55

EWA BEACH, Hawaii (AP) -- Tsunami experts could not understand why Monday's forceful earthquake off Indonesia failed to produce massive waves similar to those generated by the Dec. 26 quake that killed at least 175,000 people in the same region. A magnitude 8.7 quake shook Indonesia's west coast, killing hundreds of people and spreading panic that another devastating tsunami was on the way. There was no tsunami, but a small wave was detected by a tide gauge on Cocos Island near Australia,...

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