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2006-04-24 23:46:08

By Michelle Nichols HONIARA (Reuters) - New Solomon Islands Prime Minister Snyder Rini said he is confident he will defeat Wednesday's vote of no confidence, moved by opposition parties after his election sparked rioting in the South Pacific nation. The impoverished archipelago's parliament met amid tight security on Tuesday for the second time since more than 1,500 people gathered to protest against Rini's election a week ago by a secret parliamentary ballot, throwing rocks at...

2006-04-23 00:53:44

By Michelle Nichols HONIARA (Reuters) - Australia is sending additional troops to the Solomon Islands, as more Chinese nationals fled the country on Sunday amid rising tensions before parliament opens for the first time since post-election rioting. The election of new Prime Minister Snyder Rini sparked two days of rioting last week in the capital Honiara, where a curfew has been imposed. A peacekeeping force from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji is patrolling the capital. About 50...

2006-04-22 20:49:21

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australia is sending more soldiers to the Solomon Islands, with tensions rising as parliament sits this week for the first time since post-election rioting, Defense Minister Brendan Nelson said. Nelson said on Sunday Australia had about 300 defense personnel in the Solomon Islands, where the election of Snyder Rini as prime minister sparked two days of violent rioting and looting in the capital Honiara last week. "This morning I have agreed to the request from...

2006-04-22 01:41:16

By Michelle Nichols HONIARA (Reuters) - Australia, helping to keep the peace in the Solomon Islands after two days of violent protests in the capital, said on Saturday the need for economic reform was a matter of life or death for the South Pacific country. Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, during a brief visit to the still smouldering Honiara, also said corruption must be wiped out, but that there was a limit to what peacekeepers could do. "Continuing with economic...

2006-04-21 03:21:37

By Michelle Nichols HONIARA (Reuters) - Solomon Islands Prime Minister Snyder Rini vowed on Friday to survive current political unrest and, as foreign troops patrolled a smoldering capital, called on investors to help rebuild his troubled South Pacific nation. Calm returned to the streets of Honiara after two days of violence sparked by Rini's election, but peacekeepers prepared for fresh outbreaks of rioting after Rini made his first public appearance since being secretly sworn in...

2006-04-21 01:35:41

By Michelle Nichols HONIARA (Reuters) - Stifling humid heat chokes the air in the small Honiara police club where more than 500 Chinese have taken refuge after rioters in the Solomon Islands forced them to flee their burning homes and businesses. "It's very horrible," said 27-year-old Winnie Mae, whose shop was burned down. "All my family came here so we would be safe. More than half of the people here want to go back to China, they are scared this will keep happening." Australia,...

2006-04-20 21:34:56

By Michelle Nichols HONIARA (Reuters) - Calm returned to the Solomon Islands capital Honiara on Friday as Australia announced 110 more troops would be sent to the troubled South Pacific nation to prevent more violence after the election of a new prime minister. Australian troops and police, sent to restore law and order after two days of rioting, had feared more protests after Prime Minister Synder Rini was secretly sworn in on Thursday. Hundreds of Chinese targeted in the violence...

2006-04-19 19:03:05

HONIARA (Reuters) - An Australian-led peacekeeping force patrolled the Solomon Islands capital Honiara on Thursday after two days of rioting as Canberra vowed to maintain stability in the region over concerns of terrorism. Honiara was calm early on Thursday after an overnight curfew forced rioters off the streets, but torched buildings continued to smoulder and send smoke over parts of the town. "It is generally calm. People are still going to the burned out shops and trying to pick...

2006-04-18 22:00:19

By Michelle Nichols CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia will send up to 180 troops and police to the Solomon Islands on Wednesday to help quell rioting and looting sparked by the election of a new prime minister in the troubled South Pacific nation. Chinese families living above their stores jumped for their lives from burning buildings and swam across a nearby river to escape rioters late on Tuesday, the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) reported. There were some minor...

2006-04-18 21:07:25

CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia will send up to 110 troops to the Solomon Islands on Wednesday to help restore calm after the election of a new prime minister in the South Pacific nation sparked rioting, a government official said. Rioters set fire to shops in Chinatown, razing many buildings in protest at the election of Snyder Rini on Tuesday, claiming his new government would be heavily influenced by local Chinese businessmen and the Taiwan government. Canberra said 17 Australian...

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Choiseul Pigeon, Microgoura meeki
2014-04-18 11:39:05

The Choiseul Pigeon or Solomon’s Crested Pigeon (Microgoura meeki) is an extinct species of bird belonging to the pigeon and dove family Columbidae. It was native to the islands of Choiseul located in the Solomon Islands, although there are unsubstantiated reports that it might have once lived on several nearby islands. The pigeon was monotypic within the genus Microgoura and had no known subspecies. The closest living relative is believed to be the Thick-billed Ground Pigeon, and some...

2007-04-19 05:56:14

The Bluespotted ribbontail ray, Taeniura lymma, is a stingray of the family Dasyatidae, found around coral reefs in the tropical Indo-West Pacific from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Solomon Islands north to southern Japan and south to northern Australia, between latitudes 32° N and 30° S. The bluespotted ribbontail ray is a colorful stingray with large bright blue spots on an oval, elongated disc and with blue longitudinal stripes on the tail. The snout is rounded and angular,...

2006-09-15 10:25:30

The Ducorps' Cockatoo (Cacatua ducorpsii) is a species of cockatoo endemic to the Solomon Islands. This small white cockatoo is larger than the Goffin's Cockatoo yet smaller than the Umbrella Cockatoo. Notable features of this cockatoo include a blue eye ring and a recumbent crest which resembles a sail in its raised state.

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