Latest Solomon Sea Plate Stories

2009-04-09 13:05:40

U.S. geoscientists say the 2007 Solomon Islands earthquake might point to previously unknown increased earthquake and tsunami risks. Professor Kevin Furlong of Pennsylvania State University and his colleagues studied the unusual tectonic plate geography and the sudden change in direction of the April 1, 2007, tsunami-generating earthquake. The magnitude 8.1 earthquake occurred east of Papua, New Guinea, off the coast of the Solomon Islands and its subsequent tsunami killed about 50 people,...

2009-04-10 07:00:00

Geoscientists remain somewhat perplexed as they work to understand exactly what happened during an earthquake and subsequent tsunami that rocked the Solomon Islands in 2007. The tsunami that followed the quake was considerably larger than scientists had anticipated, causing some 52 deaths and extensive property damage all across the Melanesian island chain.  They were particularly surprised by the amount of seismic activity in an area that had been previously relatively quake-free. The...

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