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2006-04-04 20:20:00

Ahmed Abdoulaye's two brothers were killed in an argument over water at a well a few months ago and the 15-year-old Somali was terrified the same fate would befall him.

2006-04-03 21:59:24

By Marie-Louise Gumuchian WAJID, Somalia (Reuters) - Just before he begins his perilous drive, Cheikh Ibrahim Khalil says a prayer. He knows the journey ahead will take him across Somalia's barren and dangerous routes, where he will be stopped by gunmen at numerous roadblocks.

2006-03-08 10:45:43

By Jack Kimball NAIROBI (Reuters) - Drought-stricken Somalia could face a new famine on the scale of the catastrophe that killed tens of thousands of people in the early 1990s, a food security analyst told Reuters on Wednesday.

2006-03-03 01:47:06

MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Gunmen have freed an American working for the United Nations who was kidnapped in southern Somalia over a business dispute, the Somali government said. Robert McCarthy, 47, who works for the U.N.'s children's agency (UNICEF), was released on Thursday to the custody of U.N.

2006-02-16 03:25:00

Drought in Somalia is putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk, with some forced to drink their own urine or walk the equivalent of two marathon races to find water, a relief agency said on Thursday.

2006-02-08 12:53:21

NAIROBI (Reuters) - The investigation into the murder of BBC producer Kate Peyton in Mogadishu a year ago has gone nowhere and her killers live openly in the Somali capital, an international press freedom group said on Wednesday.

2006-01-27 09:16:38

By Mohamed Ali Bile MOGADISHU (Reuters) - A Somali pirate has demanded the release of "comrades" captured by the U.S. Navy last week, threatening to kill hostages in the future if the call was not heeded, according to media reports on Friday. Acting on a report of an attempted attack, U.S.

2006-01-17 08:10:19

By Guled Mohamed WAJID, Somalia (Reuters) - When Habiba Hassan's food ran out, she fed her four children on boiled bones and aran, a bitter leaf that grows in Somalia. She blamed her husband for the family's plight, and not just because he abandoned her.

2006-01-11 08:59:15

By Ed Stoddard JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Osman Amir has a task few would envy. The soft-spoken biologist is seeking to assess what wildlife remains in Somalia, an anarchic Horn of Africa nation that has no functioning government.

2006-01-09 08:04:36

NAIROBI (Reuters) - The United States welcomed on Monday an agreement by Somalia's leaders to try and end a rift in the anarchic African nation it failed to pacify in the 1990s.

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2007-12-21 13:23:50

The Somali Wild Ass (Equus asinus somalicus), is a subspecies of the African Wild Ass. It is found in the Southern Red Sea region of Eritrea, the Afar Region of Ethiopia, and Somalia. The legs of the Somali Wild Ass are horizontally striped with black, resembling those of a zebra. Photo Credit: Robert Lawton

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