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2006-01-04 00:30:00

A South Korean scientist whose work on tailored embryonic stem cells has been discredited, coerced junior female colleagues on his team to donate their own eggs for his research, a television network reported late on Tuesday.

2005-12-31 10:06:36

Disgraced scientist Hwang Woo-suk insisted he has the technology to produce embryonic stem cells matched to different patients even though a panel of his peers said he lied about creating such cells, a newspaper reported Saturday.

2005-12-29 05:34:34

By Lee Jin-joo SEOUL (Reuters) - South Koreans went from sorrow and shock to anger and outrage as a scientist they once hailed as a national hero was dealt another devastating blow on Thursday by a panel that said there was no data to back his landmark study.

2005-12-28 23:00:00

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean scientists had no data to prove claims made in a landmark 2005 paper that they had produced tailored embryonic stem cells, an investigation panel said on Thursday, indicating major scientific fraud.

2005-12-22 21:30:00

SEOUL (Reuters) - The results of a landmark 2005 paper on producing tailored embryonic stem cells were intentionally fabricated and the main scientist should shoulder the blame, a South Korean investigation panel said on Friday.

2005-12-22 19:55:00

SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean panel will release interim results on Friday of its investigation into the work of the country's most prominent stem-cell scientist, who faces accusations of fraud by collaborators.

2005-12-22 03:40:00

The stakes are so high in South Korea's stem-cell scandal that all the facts should be laid out before judgment is passed, but even now experts say the case could taint the country's image in high-tech research.

2005-12-21 08:12:57

A former colleague of embattled South Korean stem cell researcher Hwang Woo-suk said Wednesday he had asked the scientist's university to widen its investigation into his work and review earlier purported breakthroughs.

2005-12-20 04:30:00

SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean university said on Tuesday it will soon start DNA testing of cells as part of its investigation into the veracity of a study by Hwang Woo-suk, the country's most renowned stem-cell researcher.

2005-12-19 02:48:24

By Jon Herskovitz and Lee Jin-joo SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean university has seized the computer of an embattled stem cell scientist and will release the initial findings this week of a probe into whether his team actually made tailored stem cells, it said on Monday.

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