Latest Somatosensory system Stories

2010-02-11 16:42:07

Scientists find sensory cortex develops late in fragile X syndrome defect.

2010-02-11 11:31:05

New research provides insight into why fragile X syndrome, the most common known cause of autism and mental retardation, is associated with an extreme hypersensitivity to sounds, touch, smells, and visual stimuli that causes sensory overload and results in social withdrawal, hyperarousal, and anxiety.

2009-12-16 08:35:35

New study shows women tend to have better sense of touch due to smaller finger size.

2009-12-08 19:57:32

Cells required for sensory coding of light touch needed to distinguish shapes and textures.

2009-12-08 10:00:54

Persons lacking known nerve receptors can still touch and feel; may shed light on causes of unexplained pain such as fibromyalgia.

2009-12-07 19:53:05

Two new studies show that the thalamus--the small central brain structure often characterized as a mere pit-stop for sensory information on its way to the cortex--is heavily involved in sensory processing, and is an important conductor of the brain's complex orchestra.

2009-11-03 08:47:24

A new study suggests that the inner sense of our cardiovascular state, our "interoceptive awareness" of the heart pounding, relies on two independent pathways, contrary to what had been asserted by prominent researchers.

2009-10-14 14:13:38

While gripping, lifting or manipulating an object such as drinking from a cup or placing a book on a shelf is usually easy for most, it can be challenging for those with neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's, or for people who had a stroke.

2009-08-05 09:06:46

When you feel you are being touched, usually someone or something is physically touching you and you perceive that your "self" is located in the same place as your body.

2009-08-02 12:46:32

In a major step in spinal cord injury research, scientists at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have demonstrated that regenerating axons can be guided to their correct targets and re-form connections after spinal cord injury.

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