Latest Somniloquy Stories

2010-06-07 13:28:18

Although incident parasomnias are uncommon as children enter adolescence, parasomnias present in preadolescents may persist into the teen years.

2009-12-01 12:31:18

A study in the Dec.1 issue of the journal Sleep shows that short, unpleasant, dreamlike mental activity occurs during sleepwalking and sleep terrors episodes, suggesting that people with these sleep disorders may be acting out dreamlike thoughts.

2009-12-01 12:25:30

A study in the Dec.1 issue of the journal Sleep shows that dream-enacting behaviors are common in healthy young adults, and the prevalence of specific behaviors differs between men and women.

2009-04-29 08:58:43

U.S. scientists say they've created a device that provides a computer with much of the energy savings of sleep mode and some of the usefulness of awake mode. Researchers from the University of California-San Diego and the Microsoft Corp.

2009-04-24 11:01:25

Personal computers may soon save large amounts of energy by "sleep talking."

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