Latest Sonar Stories

Ocean Acoustics Changing
2012-10-19 14:07:43

Along with negatively impacting marine life and global climate change, the acidification of the Earth’s oceans could have the unintended side effect of changing the acoustics beneath the water’s surface.

Dolphins Are Vigilant Sleepers
2012-10-18 11:28:52

The demands of living at sea require constant vigilance. Dolphins have figured this out and use one half of their brain while surfacing to breath and avoiding predators with the other half.

2012-09-30 23:00:24

Packt is pleased to announce Sonar Code Quality Testing Essentials a new book that teachers readers to take full advantage of the Sonar platform and its visual components to track code quality

New Tool Can Identify Bats By Sound
2012-08-07 11:17:02

Have you ever tried to tell the difference between 34 different bat species? A team of ecologists have built an echo-location tool which can identify specific bats based on their vocal signatures.

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