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Eastern Meadowlark
2006-11-06 12:57:09

The Eastern Meadowlark, Sturnella magna, is a medium-sized blackbird similar in appearance to the Western Meadowlark. Their breeding habitat is grasslands and prairie, also pastures and hay fields, across eastern North America to South America. The ranges of the Eastern and Western Meadowlarks overlap in central regions and are permanent residents. Northern birds migrate to the southern...

White-browed Blackbird
2006-11-06 12:55:18

The White-browed Blackbird, Sturnella superciliaris, is a passerine bird in the bird family Icteridae. It breeds in northeastern Brazil and in southern South America from southwestern Brazil through Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Southern populations are partially migratory. This bird breeds in open country, including moist grasslands, pasture and cultivation. The White-browed Blackbird is...

Great Tinamou
2006-10-19 13:31:49

The Great Tinamou is a species of bird native to Central and South America, one of about 47 species of tinamou. It is 17 inches long, 38.8 ounces in weight and approximately the size and shape of a small turkey. It is gray-brown in color and well-camouflaged in the rainforest under-story*. The Great Tinamou has a distinctive call, three short but powerful piping notes which can be heard in its...

2006-10-19 13:28:36

The tinamous are one of the most ancient groups of bird, members of a South American bird family of about 47 species in 9 genera. Although they look similar to other ground-dwelling birds like quail and grouse, they have no close relatives and are classified as a single family. The tinamous range is from South America and north to Mexico. They occur in a wide range of habitats. Tinamous are...

Little Tinamou
2006-09-25 14:48:32

The Little Tinamou, Crypturellus soui, is a member of the most ancient groups of bird families, the tinamous. Its habitat is humid forests and other damp overgrowth from southern Mexico down through Central and South America as far as southern Brazil. The Little Tinamou is 8.6 to 9.5 inches long and weighs 7.8 ounces. Although it looks similar to other ground-dwelling birds like quail and...

Andean Tinamou
2006-09-15 04:58:40

The Andean Tinamou, Nothoprocta pentlandii is a member of the most ancient groups of bird families, the tinamous. It is 25.5-30cm in size. This species is found in western South America. It inhabits grassy slopes, scrub, meadows. The binomial commemorates the Irish traveller Joseph Barclay Pentland (1797-1873).

Variegated Tinamou
2006-09-15 04:57:49

The Variegated Tinamou, Crypturellus variegatus is a species of bird native to South America.

Silver Teal
2006-03-22 14:20:11

The Silver Teal (Anas versicolor) is a species of dabbling duck belonging to the genus Anas. It breeds in South America. The Puna Teal was previously regarded as a subspecies of this bird.

Chiloe Wigeon
2006-03-09 11:50:37

The Chiloe Wigeon (Anas sibilatrix) is a species of dabbling duck belonging to the genus Anas. It is found in South America, on freshwater lakes, marshes, lagoons and slow flowing rivers.

Ashy-headed Goose
2006-03-09 09:52:59

The Ashy-headed Goose (Chloephaga poliocephala) is a large sheldgoose which breeds in mountainous areas of southernmost South America and winters on lowlands to the north of its breeding range. Favorite nesting sites are damp upland forest clearings where it builds a lined nest in tall grass. Females lay an average of 4-6 eggs per clutch. This goose feed by grazing as it rarely swims. The...

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