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2008-06-16 15:00:30

By Frank Rizzo, The Hartford Courant, Conn. Jun. 16--'In the Heights," the little musical that began on Wesleyan University's Middletown campus eight years ago and matured at Waterford's O'Neill Theater Center, captured the top prize at the annual Tony Awards Sunday night, honoring the best of the 2007-08 Broadway season. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who as a student in Middletown created the musical based on the Hispanic neighborhood where he grew up in New York's Washington Heights, also won...

2008-06-16 03:00:03

By Lawson Taitte, The Dallas Morning News Jun. 16--There was nary a surprise in sight at the 2008 Tony Awards -- which was great news for the six favored nominees with Dallas connections, all of whom won handily. It was an enchanted evening for the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific. It picked up the most prizes -- seven, including best musical revival -- in Broadway's annual celebration of the best on the Great White Way, held Sunday at Radio City Music Hall. Dallas native...

2008-06-15 03:00:15

NEW YORK _ Producers of tonight's Tony Award telecast (8 to 11 EDT on CBS) are planning, somehow, to sell Broadway with scenes from 13 musicals _ including the two biggies, "The Little Mermaid" and "Young Frankenstein," which got no major nominations and, traditionally, would get no national face time. We can only imagine how the mass marketing will slant coverage away from a season most notable for an astonishing number of serious plays and for the triumph of two unconventional young...

2007-10-11 10:13:14

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - Greenpeace announced a satellite-based tracking system to monitor endangered South Pacific humpback whales Wednesday, saying it is not necessary to kill the animals as Japan does to study them. The conservation group used the announcement of its humpback monitoring project to lambast Japan's scientific whaling program that has killed thousands of whales as part of what it calls necessary research. Humpback whales from Rarotonga and New Caledonia have been...

2006-04-09 23:38:13

HONIARA (Reuters) - Solomon Islands voters ousted half their parliament in the first election since peacekeepers restored law and order in the South Pacific nation three years ago, officials said on Monday, announcing final poll results. Prime Minister Sir Alan Kemakeza won his seat in last Wednesday's national election but will now have to lobby with winning candidates to form a coalition government ahead of a secret parliamentary ballot for prime minister on April 18. A government...

2006-04-05 20:42:39

HONIARA (Reuters) - Counting of votes in the Solomon Islands election started on Thursday after an incident free poll in the troubled South Pacific nation, but security concerns saw one counting center moved closer to a police station. The Solomons election on Wednesday was the first poll since foreign troops restored peace three years ago and follows a 2001 election marred by armed gangs and reports of vote rigging. The election saw a very high voter turn out, said government...

2006-04-04 21:25:38

By David Gray NADI, Fiji (Reuters) - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao received a pig and whale's tooth in a traditional Fijian welcome on Wednesday and in return offered a sweeping package of economic aid to Pacific island states that support a one-China policy. Wen said China will grant zero-tariff treatment to those islands, cancel their debt that matured at the end of 2005, provide three billion yuan in preferential loans and make all seven island states with diplomatic ties approved...

2005-12-10 17:55:46

AMBAE ISLAND, Vanuatu -- Mothers at an evacuation center seeking shelter from an erupting volcano on this South Pacific island said Saturday the heat and fumes from the mountain had made their children sick and there was no medicine to treat them. Mount Manaro has been pumping steam, ash and sulfur gases into the air since Nov. 27 after waking from a 10-year slumber, sending more than half of the island's 10,000 population to five evacuation centers on the island. More than 700 people were...

2005-11-22 20:10:00

By Michael Perry SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Carteret Islands are almost invisible on a map of the South Pacific, but the horseshoe scattering of atolls is on the front-line of climate change, as rising sea levels and storm surges eat away at their existence. For 20 years, the 2,000 islanders have fought a losing battle against the ocean, building sea walls and trying to plant mangroves. Each year, the waves surge in, destroying vegetable gardens, washing away homes and poisoning freshwater...

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2007-02-25 21:16:26

The Atlantic pomfret, Brama brama, is a pomfret of the family Bramidae, found in the Atlantic, Indian, and South Pacific oceans, at depths down to 3280.84 ft (1,000 m). Its length is between 15.75 and 39.37 in (40 and 100 cm). The Atlantic pomfret is a deep-bodied mesopelagic fish with a deeply forked tail, and large eyes near the front of a blunt snout. The pectoral fins are long and scythe-like. The scales are slightly serrated giving the body a rough texture. The mouth contains many...

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