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2012-12-25 05:03:10

The short sale strategies meeting held by Edina Realty agent Kris Lindahl in St. Michael, MN on Sunday morning was well attended. St. Michael, MN (PRWEB) December 24, 2012 Edina Realty agent Kris Lindahl held a short sale strategies meeting in St. Michael, MN on Sunday morning. The meeting was well attended. Kris covered strategies for finding the right agent, working with the right lender, and making the short sale process an overall easier process than expected. "There are many resources...

2012-12-25 05:03:06

The Seterus Inc. seminar held by Kris Lindahl covered how the lender follows the short sale process. Blaine, MN (PRWEB) December 24, 2012 The Edina Realty agent Kris Lindahl held a seminar focusing on the Seterus Inc. short sale process on Sunday afternoon in Blaine, MN. Lindahl showed attendees how to first get in touch with a real estate agent to market their home to a buyer and walked them through what they could expect from Seterus Inc. when filing for a short sale. "The first step is...

2012-12-25 05:03:05

Kris Lindahl will teach attendees how to use several online short sale resources that he has created in Hopkins, MN later this week. Blaine, MN (PRWEB) December 24, 2012 Kris Lindahl, the #1 Edina Realty short sale agent, will be holding a resources meeting in Hopkins, MN later this week. The meeting will cover resources like the short sale calculators that Kris created, an eBook that Kris published, a video series on YouTube, and specific information pertinent to Hopkins, MN residents. "In...

2012-12-21 05:03:11

iMoney.my today announced the launch of the Malay version of their popular financial comparison site. Finally, the usually under-served Bahasa Malaysia-speaking market is now empowered to compare the most lucrative credit card, loan and investment deals in their native tongue. Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur (PRWEB) December 20, 2012 iMoney.my today announced the launch of the Malay version of their popular financial comparison site, featuring Malay financial categories like kad kredit, pinjaman...

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Colugos, Cynocephalidae
2014-08-05 09:51:41

Cynocephalidae is a family that holds three species of gliding, tree dwelling mammals known as culugos or flying lemurs, only two of which are living. These species, known as the Philippine flying lemur and the Sunda flying lemur, can be found in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. Culugos range in size between fourteen and sixteen inches and they have a slender body with long legs and a medium-sized tail. They are the most capable of all gliding mammal species, using a large membrane of...

Sandalwood Pony
2014-05-22 11:13:41

The Sandalwood Pony is one of eight breeds of pony that is native to Indonesia. The Sandalwood inhabits the Sumba and Sumbawa Islands and is closely related to the other breeds of Indonesia. The Batak Pony, Gayoe, Deli Pony, Java Pony, Sumba and Sumbawa Pony and the Timor Pony are the other breeds of the islands. Its name comes from the Sandalwood tree, a major export of the country. It is a fine breed of pony due to the Arabian bloodline. The pony has extraordinary endurance and can be...

Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon, Nomascus leucogenys
2014-04-17 15:32:09

The Northern White-Cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) is a species of gibbon that is native to South East Asia. It is closely related to the Southern White-Cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus siki) with which it was formerly thought to be conspecific. The females of the two species are virtually impossible to tell apart in their appearance. The genome of this species was sequenced and published in the year 2011. A considerable population of 455 critically endangered Northern White-Cheeked...

Agile Gibbon, Hylobates agilis
2014-04-17 15:21:14

The Agile Gibbon (Hylobates agilis), known also as the Black-Handed Gibbon, is an Old World primate belonging to the gibbon family. It can be found in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra, Malaysia, and southern Thailand. The species is classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List because of destruction of habitat and the pet trade. The species is usually though to have subspecies, but some experts recognize a mountain form and a lowland form; the Mountain Agile Gibbon (Hylobates agilis...

Nycticebus kayan
2014-04-16 11:34:17

Nycticebus kayan is a species of slow loris and a primate that can be found in northern and central areas of Borneo. Its range extends into East Kalimantan and Malaysia. This species prefers to reside in highland areas and it was named after a river that extends through its range known as the Kayan River. It was once classified with the Bornean slow loris, but studies conducted in 2013, focusing on physical differences, showed that it should be classified as a distinct species. Nycticebus...

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