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2010-12-16 14:49:42

The Senate yesterday voted in favor of proceeding to consider the New START treaty. The vote of 66 to 32 demonstrates strong support for the treaty, which will have to pass by at least two-thirds of Senators voting in favor to win consent for ratification. Ratification of the New START treaty is vital to moving U.S.-Russian relations forward and strengthening the international nonproliferation regime. The treaty will reduce the number of counted strategic nuclear warheads each country can...

2010-07-14 12:43:56

Most of us take it for granted today that American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts live and work together in Earth orbit. They've been doing it for years, first in the Shuttle-Mir program, and now on the International Space Station. But before the two Cold War-rivals first met in orbit in 1975, such a partnership seemed unlikely. Since Sputnik bleeped into orbit in 1957, the superpowers were driven by the Space Race, with the U.S. and then-Soviet Union driven more by competition than...

2010-05-26 11:16:00

Bipartisan Policy Center's National Security Initiative to Hold Key Debate on the Viability of an Iranian Containment Strategy WASHINGTON, May 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As the discussion intensifies over a fourth round of Russia and China-supported U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iran and a new nuclear fuel swap agreement between Iran, Turkey and Brazil, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) will hold a debate on the prospects for containing a nuclear-capable Iran. Does the Cold...

2008-10-17 08:05:00

Congress has approved a $5 million study of space-based missile defenses. This is the first time the development of space weapons will be considered since similar work was canceled in the 1990s. "Approval of the study highlights the need to provide comprehensive protection from the growing threat of missile attack and to limit the vulnerability of vital satellites to attack," said Sen. Jon Kyl, Arizona Republican and a key supporter of missile defenses. Kyl told the senate: "We have the...

2008-09-17 11:25:00

Russia's space agency chief, Anatoly Perminov, said on Wednesday that Moscow is ready to help Cuba develop its own space center after talks in Caracas with Venezuelan and Cuban officials, Itar-Tass news agency reported. Russia is looking to establish better relations with both countries, which are ideological enemies of Washington, including sending Russian strategic bombers on a mission to Venezuela this month. Anatoly was quoted as saying: " We have held preliminary discussions about the...

2008-07-25 00:00:12

By Anne Penketh Obama in Berlin Barack Obama brought his message of hope to Europe last night, pledging to heal the wounds inflicted by the Bush era, and promising renewed transatlantic co-operation. In a speech to tens of thousands of Germans and other Europeans gathered at the foot of Berlin's soaring Victory Column, the Democrat spoke as a citizen, not a presidential candidate. He invoked the spirit of the Berlin airlift exactly 60 years ago as an example of a time when the US and...

2007-11-08 08:43:01

Whose law will apply when Europe's Columbus space laboratory joins the US-led International Space Station in December? And what happens if astronauts from different countries get into a fight? Those were two of the questions posed at a meeting in Vienna last month to examine the contributions made by the humanities to the exploration of space. Columbus is due to be launched into orbit aboard the US space shuttle Atlantis on December 6. It will become part of the International Space Station...

2007-10-04 06:00:00

By Mike Mullane Tonight, I will sit in my backyard spa and look into the evening twilight and count the passing satellites. In the clear, dry New Mexican sky they're easy to see. Just as the setting sun lingers on the tallest mountain peak, satellites that are hundreds of miles high continue to reflect sunlight long after the Earth beneath them has darkened. Most evenings I'll observe at least a half-dozen of the little "moons," but it wouldn't be remarkable to count 10 or more. As they...

2006-06-08 09:05:00

By Stephanie Nebehay GENEVA -- China and Russia on Thursday warned that space-based weapons would pose a threat as great as weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and called for global negotiations to prevent their deployment. Diplomats said the appeals from the two powers were mainly targeted at the United States, expected by some to leave open the option of putting weaponry in orbit when it issues a new national space policy soon. The United Nations Conference on Disarmament (CD) is focusing...

2005-10-01 08:29:15

By Alexandra Hudson MAASTRICHT, The Netherlands (Reuters) - Grandsons of the three World War Two allied leaders who attended the 1945 Yalta conference met for the first time on Saturday and defended the talks which some have blamed for triggering the Cold War. With the German army in retreat and Hitler's vision of a Nazi-controlled continent in tatters, Josef Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met at the Black Sea resort to decide how to occupy Germany and reorganize...

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