Latest Soy protein Stories

2005-07-04 17:30:00

1. Task Force Expands HIV Screening Recommendations to Include All Pregnant Women (Clinical Guidelines, p. 32. These recommendations are the subject of a separate news release and a video news release. Call for news release, VNR script and coordinates.) 2. Soybean Protein May Lower Blood Pressure, New Study Finds A new 12-week study of 302 adults with high-normal or mildly elevated blood pressure found that those who ate special cookies containing 40 grams of soybean protein had...

2005-06-20 18:10:00

If you have high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker in blood for inflammation that is strongly associated with heart disease, trying to lower your LDL-cholesterol through modest diet changes alone may not work. Kirsten Hilpert, doctoral candidate in the nutrition option of Penn State's Integrative Biosciences program, conducted a small study of the Step 1 diet's effect on men and women with moderately elevated cholesterol. She found that those who also had elevated CRP levels...

2005-06-16 18:26:24

NEW YORK -- For people trying to lose weight, new research suggests that soy-based liquid meal replacement shakes may be just as effective as intensive behavioral therapy and more effective than weight loss medications. "Using two meal replacements daily is one of the most effective ways of losing weight on your own," study author Dr. James W. Anderson, of the University of Kentucky told Reuters Health. What's more, the benefits of soy-based meal replacements may extend beyond trimming the...

2005-06-07 17:20:00

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- The labels in the snack food aisle promise low-fat, no-fat, low-cal and low-carb tasty treats. But what really makes a food healthy? And should we believe the commercial hype about soy products and our health? Renowned nutrition and weight-loss expert, and University of Kentucky physician and researcher, Dr. James Anderson addresses these and other questions in two articles in the June issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. What is so good about soy? A...

2005-02-23 16:05:58

Soy milk, once a staple found only in natural and health food stores, is now sold side-by-side with regular milk in chain supermarkets. Soy's move into the mainstream has led to vigorous sales of such products in recent years. But those in the industry are worried about a sales slowdown and are hungry for the next new soy thing. Will it be a more appetizing meat substitute, one that marinates easily and has a meatlike, veiny texture? Or will it be a new, tastier energy bar? "We need another...

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