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2008-11-17 07:40:00

Space Shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station on Sunday carrying a crew of seven astronauts with a mission to update the station's living quarters. The shuttle carried 14,000 pounds of materials to allow the station to accommodate six crewmembers instead of the current three. "Can't wait to open the hatch, guys, and welcome you aboard," said station commander Mike Fincke. "International Space Station is indeed ready for extreme home makeover." Astronaut Gregory...

2008-10-04 21:00:04

Pages of a diary kept by an Israeli astronaut killed in the Columbia space shuttle disaster are going on display at a museum in Jerusalem, Israeli media report. The Israel Museum Sunday will begin exhibiting some of the 37 pages from Ilan Ramon's diary, recovered by searchers two months after the spacecraft disintegrated upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere Feb. 1, 2003, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported. The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration returned the diary pages...

2008-09-29 16:20:00

NASA's plans to retire space shuttle flights by 2010 are causing the agency to struggle with its identity and future. Since 1981, the shuttle has circled the Earth 18,449 times. For much of that time, NASA's mission has been to build the International Space Station, a place to do research and to learn how to live in space. But the NASA of the future is looking to retire the shuttle in 2010 and build new space vehicles to return astronauts to the moon and, someday, to travel to Mars. However,...

2008-09-08 16:45:00

NASA announced on Monday that next month's shuttle flight to the Hubble Space Telescope faces an increased risk of getting hit by space junk because it will be in a higher, more littered orbit than usual. Because of the increased risk, managers at NASA's highest levels will need to sign off on the mission. The odds of a catastrophic strike by orbital debris including bits of space junk are at about 1-in-185 during Atlantis' upcoming mission to Hubble. That compares to 1-in-300 odds for a...

2008-08-31 10:00:00

By The Associated Press NASA Administrator Michael Griffin has ordered his top officials to study how the agency could fly the space shuttle beyond its planned retirement in 2010, according to an internal e-mail obtained by The Orlando Sentinel. The decision signals what could be a huge change in NASA policy. Griffin steadfastly opposed extending the shuttle era beyond its 2010 retirement date, arguing it could kill astronauts and cripple the agency's fledgling Constellation program, a...

2008-08-30 15:10:00

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said he wants to know if the U.S. space shuttle can fly beyond its planned retirement in 2010, an e-mail shows. The Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel reported Saturday that an e-mail it obtained reveals Griffin ordered his staff to research the question. Previously, Griffin has argued against using the shuttle beyond 2010. He has said doing so could endanger astronauts and threaten NASA's fledgling Constellation program, a system of new rockets and capsules intended...

2008-08-30 12:05:00

By Associated Press NASA's staff will study whether the space shuttle program could continue operating past its scheduled retirement in 2010, according to an internal e-mail sent this week. The e-mail obtained by The Orlando Sentinel describes NASA Administrator Michael Griffin's order for a study to determine if the shuttle could fly until 2015, when NASA's next-generation space platform is expected to be completed. "We want to focus on helping bridge the gap of U.S. vehicles traveling to...

2008-08-29 16:35:00

NASA is taking a look at what might be required to postpone the retirement of its three space shuttles until their Orion capsule replacement begins operational flight in 2015, but only as a preparatory measure for Congress and the incoming president, agency officials said Friday. The study, called for by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, is aimed at preparing for inquiries on how the agency intends to fill the gap between the shuttle fleet's retirement in 2010 and the first flights of...

2008-08-28 15:05:00

The U.S. space agency and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education say they will work together to encourage students to focus on science studies. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration said it signed a cooperative Space Act Agreement to work with Challenger to encourage students to focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics studies and programs. "Through hands-on interactive educational activities, NASA and the Challenger Center will engage students, their...

2008-08-28 12:05:00

To: SCIENCE EDITORS Contact: Sonja Alexander of NASA, Headquarters, Washington, +1- 202-358-1761, sonja.r.alexander@nasa.gov; or Shannon Rush of Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Alexandria, Va., +1- 888-683-9740, srush@challenger.org WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NASA and the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Alexandria, Va., announced Thursday a cooperative Space Act Agreement to work together to encourage students to focus more on science,...

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2012-03-10 09:17:29

Challenger launched from Kennedy Space Center on January 28, 1986 at 11:38 AM EST and blew up 1 minute and 13 seconds later as a result of launch malfunctions. The shuttle was lost with all seven crew members. The Challenger disaster shook the confidence of the entire nation. As a personal note, this writer was in Mrs. Cook’s sixth grade class in Abilene, Texas. I was already an avid fan of the space program at that time. Most of us were. The class was watching this particular launch...

2012-03-10 08:50:43

Discovery launched from Kennedy Space Center on January 24, 1985 at 2:50 PM EST and landed at Kennedy on January 27 at 4:23 PM EST. The shuttle orbited 49 times at an altitude of 220 nautical miles and an inclination of 28.5 degrees and travelled 1.3 million miles. The mission lasted 3 days, 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 23 seconds. The launch scheduled for January 23 was scrubbed due to freezing weather conditions. (Orbiter Challenger was scheduled for Mission 51-C but thermal tile problems...

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