Latest Space debris Stories

2010-08-02 09:20:00

Global Aerospace Corporation (GAC) announced recently that Dr Kristin L Gates will present a paper on de-orbiting space junk at the August 2 Artificial and Natural Space Debris session of the AIAA Astrodynamics Specialists Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2010-07-30 05:55:00

Debris from a Chinese satellite that had concerned scientists earlier Thursday is now not expected to pose a threat to the International Space Station, according to NASA officials.

2010-07-24 06:15:00

A Russian official said Friday that debris from a satellite destroyed in 2007 by a Chinese missile is nearing the International Space Station and astronauts are ready to take cover if necessary.

2010-07-20 12:12:24

An Australian company announced on Tuesday that it has developed a laser tracking system that will stop chunks of space debris from colliding with satellites.

2010-07-06 05:55:00

An Air Force satellite that will provide the first continuous tracking of thousands of pieces of space debris and hundreds of satellites is set to launch on Thursday.

2010-06-17 06:00:00

NASA is evaluating the potential risks to spacecraft posed by the upcoming Draconid meteor shower in 2011, a seven-hour storm of tiny space rocks that could possibly damage major Earth-orbiting spacecraft like the International Space Station.

2010-06-08 13:10:00

Scientists have come together to ensure that future space missions and satellite equipment can operate safely in orbit, trying to prevent an increase in space junk.

2010-05-14 05:35:00

On Thursday, a top US general called for international rules to control chaotic space traffic, saying that satellites are increasingly being put at risk of collision.

2010-04-08 07:55:00

With 100 tons of space rock and rubble bombarding the planet each and every day, you'd think you could stick your head out the window any night of the week and easily catch a glimpse of a space rock's final moments.

2010-02-24 15:29:00


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