Latest Space debris Stories

2009-03-12 13:00:18

The U.S.

2009-03-12 11:45:00

International Space Station Expedition 18 crew members had to take precautionary measures due to space debris that had been determined to be within the range where a collision was possible.

2009-03-10 06:15:00

On Monday, Iridium Satellite LLC said that it has moved a spare satellite into the orbit of the one that was destroyed during the collision with a Russian satellite a month ago.

2009-02-27 11:45:00

The head of the Pentagon's Strategic Command said on Friday that no debris remains in space after last year’s US destruction of an errant spy satellite loaded with toxic hydrazine fuel.

2009-02-20 07:20:00

Experts gathered in Vienna, Austria this week to discuss solutions to deal with vast amount of space junk that is clogging up the Earth’s orbit.

2009-02-16 14:40:00

The European Space Agency (ESA) has started a new program to track space debris and establish standards to avoid future collisions, an official said on Monday.

2009-02-16 09:25:00

In Texas Sunday morning, many reports were made to authorities of a fireball streaking across the state's sky.

2009-02-13 15:45:00

In an unprecendented event, two satellites collided on Tuesday, creating thousands of pieces of potentially dangerous space debris.

2009-02-12 10:25:00

Two satellites collided in orbit on Tuesday, prompting NASA to announce it to be the first collision of its kind in space.

2009-02-12 01:46:32

For the first time, two intact communications satellites have collided in space above the Earth, NASA officials say. The space crash nearly 500 miles above ground created hundreds of pieces of debris Tuesday.

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