Latest Space debris Stories

Space Dust Likely Culprit Behind Fallen Satellites
2013-02-27 12:00:13

According to an aeronautics and astronautics professor at Stanford University, "space dust" is the likely culprit behind why most satellites fail.

Rocket Launch For Indian Space Research Organization On Monday
2013-02-25 04:43:03

The first Indian Space Research Organization launch of 2013 – and the organization’s 101st such mission overall – is scheduled to take place Monday morning, as a four-stage rocket will carry a payload of seven satellites into space, according to various media reports.

NASA Says Russian Meteorite 1000 Times Larger Than Originally Estimated
2013-02-22 14:13:51

Initial reports put last Friday’s (Feb 15) Chebarkul meteorite that exploded over Russia’s Urals region at about 10 tons. But after careful analysis, NASA released new information that puts the meteorite closer to 10,000 tons—1,000 times larger than the estimates size reported by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

UN Prepares For Stormy Space Weather
2013-02-14 11:00:47

Rewind to the late 1950s. The Soviet Union had just launched the first artificial satellite, Sputnik. The United States, caught short, was scrambling to catch up, kick-starting a Cold War space race that would last for decades. Space was up for grabs, and it seemed like anything could happen.

NASA Set To Demonstrate Robotic Refueling Mission
2013-01-15 13:33:16

NASA is about to take a new step in advancing robotic satellite-servicing technologies by testing the Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) on the International Space Station.

NASA Takes Next Step In Advancing Robotic Satellite-servicing Technologies
2013-01-11 13:06:55

In mid-January, NASA will take the next step in advancing robotic satellite-servicing technologies as it tests the Robotic Refueling Mission, or RRM aboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut Space Trash Is A Spaceship Treasure
2013-01-03 13:50:34

Researchers at NASA are evaluating tiles made of space trash to determine whether they can be used as radiation shielding during a deep-space mission.

Climate Change May Impact Satellites
2012-11-12 13:56:44

Scientists say carbon dioxide (CO2) levels could increase the accumulation of space junk. And as CO2 builds up in the upper levels of Earth's atmosphere it could have a significant effect on satellites in orbit.

Tackling The Problem Of Space Junk
2012-11-09 11:40:50

With so much junk in low earth orbit, agencies are currently developing strategies to deal with the growing problem.

Space Debris Test Radar Deployed By ESA
2012-10-16 04:43:12

A new radar designed to test methods for finding space debris has been deployed by the European Space Agency. ESA said it has installed the new test radar in Spain so it can be used to develop future debris warning services.

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