Latest Space heating Stories

2012-01-17 20:45:00

Amica Insurance reminds everyone to use space heaters, pellet and woodstoves and other alternative heating sources safely.

2012-01-04 10:00:00

More than half of all fire related deaths are a result of items catching fire from being too close to space heaters.

2011-12-19 08:00:00

RedCore has added a new electric fireplace stove to its popular line of space heaters this season.

2011-11-07 19:45:00

Rising heating costs have many homeowners scrambling for ways to save money this winter, including seeking alternative ways to heat their homes.

2011-10-27 18:05:00

Just in time for the heating season, HeaterStoreOnline.com expands new inventory of ceramic, oil filled and infrared space heaters and offers an additional 10% off already reduced prices of up