Latest Space Interferometry Mission Stories

2005-06-20 19:36:56

JPL -- As the mercury shoots upward and lazy summer days stretch into balmy evenings, NASA is teaming with amateur astronomy clubs across the country to share the wonders of the nighttime skies with the public. "From campgrounds to beaches, to museums to inner city streets, our Night Sky Network is helping people look up and enjoy the starry view overhead," said Michael Greene, manager of the Navigator/Planet Quest public engagement program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena,...

2004-11-29 08:10:00

The Webb Space Telescope is one of the next generations observatories that will reside near the balance point (L2) between the Earth and Sun. Because the Webb is sensitive to infrared, its contributions will include looking to the earliest dawn of stellar structures. The mirror system is expected to be completed in 2007 in time for its planned 2011 launch. Astrobiology Magazine -- Balancing its position between the Sun and Earth's gravity, a next generation of Space Observatory is beginning...

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