Latest Space Shuttle Columbia disaster Stories

2010-12-31 07:10:00

NASA officials ordered additional repairs to Space Shuttle Discovery on Friday--a move which could further delay the vehicle's final mission, according to various news outlets. According to the U.S. space agency's website, X-rays taken as part of an ongoing probe into cracks in Discovery's external fuel tank revealed "four additional small cracks on three stringers on the opposite side of the tank from Discovery, and managers elected to repair those cracks in a similar fashion to repairs made...

2009-06-12 10:15:00

NASA has selected three new flight directors who will manage and carry out shuttle flights and International Space Station expeditions. Dina Contella, Scott Stover and Ed Van Cise will join a select group of individuals who lead human spaceflights from Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. "Since the first flight director, Chris Kraft, was selected during the Mercury era, 77 men and women have served as flight directors. One of the new flight directors will be the 80th in...

2009-04-17 08:41:50

The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, or ASAP, has released its 2008 annual report. The report examines NASA's safety performance and advises agency and government leaders on ways to improve performance. The ASAP is an independent group of experts that has been evaluating NASA's safety performance and advising the agency on ways to improve that performance since it was established in 1968. "The panel members believe NASA and the new administration stand at a critical crossroads for the...

2009-02-21 13:01:33

The space shuttle Discovery's launch date remains uncertain, said NASA officials at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Fla. USA Today reported Saturday that National Aeronautics and Space Administration officials cannot agree on whether to launch the shuttle Friday, as tentatively planned, or wait until mid-March. The newspaper reported there are concerns about a critical set of valves on the shuttle that have repeatedly delayed the flight from its original Feb. 12 target date. The three valves...

2008-12-30 15:20:00

NASA on Tuesday revealed new details on the failed flight of space shuttle Columbia, which resulted in the deaths of seven astronauts on Feb. 1, 2003. The report provided a grim depiction of how the craft lost pressure, causing the crew's safety harnesses and helmets to fail. The report showed that even if they had worked properly, the crewmembers would have had no chance of surviving the winds, shock waves and other extreme conditions in the upper atmosphere. "Clearly the accident was not...

2008-10-04 21:00:04

Pages of a diary kept by an Israeli astronaut killed in the Columbia space shuttle disaster are going on display at a museum in Jerusalem, Israeli media report. The Israel Museum Sunday will begin exhibiting some of the 37 pages from Ilan Ramon's diary, recovered by searchers two months after the spacecraft disintegrated upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere Feb. 1, 2003, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported. The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration returned the diary pages...

2008-03-26 02:20:28

I don't know about you, but there's at least a backpack's worth of necessities I take on every trip I make. Between the laptop, iPod, cell phone, newest T.C. Boyle novel and toothbrush, my bag fills up pretty quickly. However, astronauts do not have the same luxury of size or weight for their personal effects when they go for a ride on the space shuttle. One repository for personal effects is the Personal Preference Kit, about the size of a long paperback novel. NASA allows...

2007-10-22 10:40:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- The NASA official who presided over Columbia's doomed re-entry - and who will make the final call about whether Discovery should launch Tuesday - said he is confident this will be a safe flight despite lingering questions about wing imperfections. Shuttle launch manager LeRoy Cain said Sunday he would delay the space station construction mission if he thought Discovery's wings would not hold up during its return from orbit. A hole in one of Columbia's wings led to its...

2007-09-14 17:25:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA hopes to test a thermal tile patch on the next space shuttle mission that could have been used to fix the gouge that was carved into the bottom of Endeavour during last month's launch. The repair - a squirt of goo - was one of three methods NASA considered using before deciding the damaged tiles didn't need to be fixed in flight. Shuttle program manager Wayne Hale said Friday he also plans to expand the flight readiness review for Discovery's mission next month to...

2007-09-06 15:50:00

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- An Air Force doctor who headed a controversial astronaut health study told Congress on Thursday that NASA is discouraging open communications by rebutting reports of drunken astronauts on launch day and deriding the claims as urban legends. The bigger issue, more than drinking, is NASA's apparent disregard of mental health and behavior issues among its astronauts, and the demoralizing reluctance among flight surgeons and astronauts to report improper conduct, said Col....

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